Knowledge: An Expedition
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Knowledge: An Expedition

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Learning is a journey to a new world, an adventure, an expedition. Kufstein University of Applied Sciences accompanies its students on this expedition as a guide, a supply team or mountain rescuers, and helps them to scale the highest peaks. Yet each climber must make their own way. The University of Applied Sciences in Kufstein combines well-founded subject knowledge with personal support in a collegial environment. Discover the different spheres of knowledge and get to know yourself and your talents better. Discover the diversity of academic study in the heart of the Tyrol. Our professors and the team at Kufstein accompany you all the way to your personal summit: your university degree.

The expedition environment

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The Kufstein region simply offers more: action, on-trend sports (rafting, climbing, etc.), super mountain-bike tracks, challenging mountain tours and, in winter, fantastic skiing pistes. The Innpromenade and a variety of shops, restaurants, cafés and bars lend the town of Kufstein its particular flair. The central location of the university with its attractive campus and the nearby student halls of residence mean that student life involves minimal travel. From life in student accommodation to a small apartment or a flat share, in town or further out in the countryside – the quality of life in Kufstein is superb. Hook on to us and become part of our team.

Solid academic grounding – base camp

As for any mountain tour, preparations are enormously important: choosing a route, packing the rucksack, researching the necessary facts, and doing the physical conditioning work. We prepare you for the expedition of your life and in the process offer you a solid grounding in the following areas:

  • Social Skills
    (presentation & communication training)
  • Languages training
  • Introduction to the world of academic study & research
  • First practice-based projects
  • Bachelor’s thesis

Our external and internal lecturers come from top companies so that our teaching is relevant to practice, and even in your first semesters we like to involve you in putting this into practice immediately. In the course of smaller projects you will gain your first insights into companies and their processes. It is not unusual to make contacts for later traineeships during the first two semesters.

Semester abroad – altitude camp 1

Bild: Auslandssemester

You have conquered your first climbs. Now the task is to apply the hard-won knowledge of the first climb from base camp to the first altitude camp in such a way that continuing the expedition causes you no difficulties.

The full-time study semester abroad is your route to altitude camp 1. But you are not left to make your way alone. During the semester abroad you consolidate and develop your subject-specialist and social skills. More than 210 partner universities worldwide are available for your semester abroad, where you will have the opportunity to broaden your cultural horizons and develop your existing language skills in situ.

Professional traineeship – altitude camp 2

Bild: Berufspraktikum

Another important stage on the way to the summit has been completed. You have reached the second altitude camp and successfully completed your semester abroad. Now it is time to put your skills to the test in the business world. During your traineeship you have the opportunity to apply the theory you have learned in practice. The traineeship later gives you some substantial advantages over other applicants in the job market.

It is far from uncommon for the traineeship placement to become the first workplace after graduation. In any case, it is an early opportunity to make your first important contacts and afterwards to receive your first professional reference.

Graduation – conquering the summit

Bild: Sponsion

The last key stage of your expedition is in sight: it is time to scale the summit. Your second Bachelor’s thesis, enriched by the experience you have gained abroad and during your traineeship, is a crucial element.

You have passed your examination – congratulations, you have reached the summit. Now your graduation ceremony awaits you: you are presented with your diplomas with great ceremony at the university. Nothing stands in your way, you can embark on professional life.

Master.Doctoral Program – future objective

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Long after this expedition you will cherish fond memories of Kufstein: the many contacts you made, the sense of achievement, and happy times. You will form lasting friendships with your fellow students. Even after you have conquered the summit, we are still here as backup to support you as alumni. 

Once a year Kufstein University of Applied Sciences invites you to the Homecoming Weekend gathering and to exchange experience. Now you can plan your next expedition and think about a possible future objective such as a Master’s degree, a subsequent doctorate, or postgraduate programmes and continuing professional education.

We look forward to being part of your team for your own very personal expedition!

News of the FH Kufstein

Auszeichnung für herausragende Leistung

Die Fachhochschule Kufstein Tirol hat 68 Studierenden ein Leistungsstipendium des Bundesministeriums für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung verliehen. Die offizielle Verleihung musste situationsbedingt leider ausfallen.

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Charity Run Kufstein2021: aus Bewegung wird Bildung

Studierende aus dem Studiengang Marketing & Kommunikationsmanagement (MKM) der FH Kufstein Tirol, beschäftigen sich intensiv mit der Umsetzung des „Charity Run Hechtseelauf“. Neu in 2021 ist, dass das Lauf-Event zum Charity Run Kufstein wird.

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Externer Lektor der FH Kufstein Tirol erhält begehrten VR Award

Mag. (FH) Christoph Sitar, MA, extern Lehrender an der FH Kufstein Tirol und Geschäftsführer der Tiroler Firma MEDIASQUAD gewann einen begehrten Preis bei den VR Awards 2020 der „Academy of International Extended Reality (aixr)“.

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