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The “kubi” – Kufstein Library for Science and Leisure is a public institution created by the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tyrol and by the municipality of Kufstein. It was founded through the merger of the university library and the public library in 2018. The core principles of the "kubi" are: Provision of literature; the passing of knowledge; supporting students, researchers, and teaching staff; and to advance education and reading as a leisure activity. The library is an organization of the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tyrol Ltd

Anyone interested can use the library services. Members of the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein (students, researchers and staff) as well as the external visitors and members of the International School are authorized to borrow books and use the library facilities

  • External visitors:
    • The library card can be requested directly at the lending counter of the library during the opening hours.  
  • Students of the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein:
    • Your student card also serves as your library card.  
  • Students of the International School Kufstein:
    • Your edu-card also serves as your library card.
  • External visitors with a valid Kufstein-Card
    • The use of the library services is included for no additional fee.
  • External visitors without a Kufstein-Card:
    • There is a charge of €20,00 for one year (reduced charge of € 10,00 for senior citizens, students and people with disabilities).  
  • Students of the University of Applied Sciences and students of the International School:
    • The use of the library services is free of charge.

Reference books, scientific and academic journals, novels, non-fiction books, children’s and young adult literature, board games, audiobooks and DVDs are available to you.  
Generally, all books with a white label are borrowable unless there is an additional red label present, in which case lending is not possible. The non-lending-collection includes reference works, bibliographies, loose-leaf works, newspapers, journal issues as well as books contained in a reference collection.

You may borrow up to fifteen library items (books, journals, audiobooks, DVDs and board games) for up to three weeks. 
Loan periods can be extended for up to three times five days prior to the end of a lending period unless someone has made a reservation.
Students writing Bachelor- or Master-Theses have extended borrowing privileges.

If you fail to return library items you borrowed on time, we will charge a reminder fee. In the first week € 1, - per library item, for the second week on, we will charge you additional € 5, - per library item. There is no entitlement to be reminded about an expiring loan.

Click on search mask on the top right of the page on “My Library Account” or follow the link on the kubi-website “Ganz einfach selbst verlängern”. Further you can directly follow the link on our Librarypage (bottom right).

  • Access data for external visitors and student from the International School:
    • Username = SURNAME and the first letter of your first name (for example: DUMMYD = Donald Dummy)
    • Password = date of birth (DDMMYY)   
  • Access data for students of the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein:  
    • Username = PKZ
    • Password = date of birth (DDMMYY)

Please change your password at your first login

In our search engine, click on "Mein Benutzerkonto" ("My Account")
Then click on the tab "Loans" (bottom right). There are two options: Either click on "Alles verlängern" ("Extend all") or choose an individual item (Magnifier-Icon) and then click on the button "extend".
It’s also possible to extend the loan period by e-mail or phone. 

Our one-stop-shop for searching is our search mask, which allows for browsing all available print- and digital media - including journal articles - in the library with a single query. Databases licensed by the library are also searchable (Exception: Statista and  Marketline).  

External visitors have to choose the search option “Print only” (in the menu bar left). Otherwise all databases and all digital media, which are only available for members of the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein, will be proposed. 

A search query can be limited with several criteria, e.g. type of publication, publication year, language, publisher… If a journal article or e-book is found, a link to its full-text-version is provided if available.   

For searching on the library premises, dedicated PCs are provided.

Books on loan can be reserved in your online user account. As soon as the previous borrower returns the item, an automated notice is provided via email.

If you have found a book that is currently on loan, click on the Button "Zum Katalog" ("go to Catalog").

Then click on"Number of Items" on the bottom and choose the "Get it"-Button (only possible if the book is not available)!

In the search engine, if a book is available in the library, a book- or call number is displayed in each search result. This is a unique code (shelf mark) identifying every medium in our library collection. There are differences depending on the location. The printed books are systematically arranged. <Here> is an overview. 

Location Building A 1. floor:

  • Fiction, children’s and young adult literature and biographies  

The shelf mark designates the different areas. DR for the fiction literature, DJ for young adult books, B for biographies and J for books in the children’s area.  

In each of these areas the books are organized by genre and arranged in alphabetical order by author.


Location Building B 1. floor:

  • Reference books and non-fiction literature: 

In building B the shelves are arranged systematically from A-Z.  

Example: Found book number: “QQ 000 C229”. The first two letters designate the academic discipline; in this case, “Q” means “Economics” (Wirtschafts-wissenschaften), “QQ” is the sub-category “Special business management textbooks”, the numerical sequence “000” is the additional sub-category – “General”. The following letter-number-sequence “C229” is the encoded author or editor name.

Useful information: The shelf mark shows the edition in brackets; the minus refers to the volume.

  • DVDs, audiobooks and games: 

The shelf mark TT designates DVDs. They are grouped by genre and the film titles are arranged in alphabetical order. The shelves marked TT.J contain the children’s DVDs. 

All audiobooks have the shelf mark TD, children’s audiobook TD.J. The audiobooks are grouped in alphabetical order by genre and author.  

At present, the games aren’t arranged systematically. 

To see a list of available databases, electronic journals, and e-books, please click on “Databases” on the right-hand side of our homepage. Digital media can be accessed in the University of Applied Sciences’ wifi network by all. Outside the premises, access is only granted to members of the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein.

Yes, but only for members of the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein. 

The instructions on how-to are available on our website: Please click on “Databases” on the right-hand side of our homepage.

Yes, this is possible through our Interlibrary Loans and Document Delivery (“Fernleihe”). Each search query in our search engine can be extended to include works not licensed or owned by the library, which can subsequently be ordered with the integrated online interlibrary loan form (use the Online Order Form). The costs are as follows: 2 € per loan for books within Austria, international loan costs vary. Loan costs for individual journal articles are higher – approximately € 6, - to 10, -. 

If the requested book fits into the portfolio of the library, we will add this book to our stock as soon as possible. 

es, please do so via the feedback-form in the checkin-portal or per e-mail to: At the lending counter we also have a wish-list for books. 

There are three group study rooms for 6, 8 and 10 people, which can be booked with an online form on our website. In principle, the group study rooms are available at short notice – they are unlocked. 

The latest master theses can be found in the reading room. They can’t be borrowed (shelf mark: “M-*course of study*). Older master theses are stored in the archive and can be ordered via e-mail  

Search via search mask for „Master-arb“ or „Master-Thesis“, optionally include the title of a thesis and change the setting on the left hand side to „Print only“.

Some lecturers choose literature they deem important for their students to have available in the library at all times. These are the various reference collections which can be found in the reading room next to the shelf with the master theses. 

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