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TEDx 2017

This was TEDxFH Kufstein 2017

The second TEDxFHKufstein Conference 2017 was held on June, 24th 2017 under the motto "Beautiful Minds" - a look at the fine line between genius and madness from which ideas have the potential to change mindsets, if not life, maybe even the world. Beautiful Minds took the audience on a journey into other spheres. In no more than 18 minutes did the speakers talk about technology, psychology or computer science. In eight live speeches and two video talks, they inspired the audience with brand-new ideas in a fun way.

Pressrelease: Nachlese des TEDxFHKufstein am 24. Juni 2017! (in German only)

Live Life to the fullest | Nick Martin

Improving Life in Slums from the inside | Oliver Von Malm

Rural Community Empowerment | Arturo Vittori

DIY Innovation | Scott Leibrand

Open Artificial Pancreas System | Dana Lewis

A greater Vision of yourself | Sebastian Scheler

To creativity and beyond | Cornel Amariei

Education of Coding and Robotics | Rustem Akishbekov