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TEDx 2018

This was TEDxFH Kufstein 2018

The third TEDxFH Kufstein Conference 2018 took place on June 16th, 2018 presenting a inspiring topic "Envision".

Why You Never Learned to Play Piano | Jonas Gössling & Costantino Carrara | TEDxFHKufstein

Close Your Eyes, Open Your Future | Desmond McGetrick | TEDxFHKufstein

Fair Trade Software - Developing Africa | Andy Haxby | TEDxFHKufstein

Speaking freely is not a science but not a problem | Michael Rossié | TEDxFHKufstein

Impact and Implementation of Mobile Marketplaces | Stefan Lingler | TEDxFHKufstein

How 3D Avatars will change your life | Etienne Koo | TEDxFHKufstein

Blockchain use cases with a #ReturnonSociety | Robert Schwertner | TEDxFHKufstein

Why AI isn't smarter than you while being smarter than you | Eric Steinberger | TEDxFHKufstein