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TEDx 2016

This was TEDxFH Kufstein 2016

The first TEDxFHKufstein conference 2016 was arranged on June 25th, 2016 under the inspiring headline "Aiming High" - an interdisciplinary consideration of the constant pursuit was the goal. The visitors were presented with 9 talks in three sessions: from thought-controlled drones, through the disruptive features of our everyday encounter with the IT clouds, to the infinite expanses of the universe in relation to our existence. Internationally respected speakers such as the thought researcher Nataliya Kosmina, the astrophysicist Josef M. Gaßner or the strategy expert Prof. Markus Reitzig gathered here.

Pressrelease: Nachlese des TEDxFHKufstein am 25. Juni 2016! (in German only)

How to control objects with the power of your thoughts | Nataliya Kosmyna

The Clouds - a disruptive technology? | Radu Prodan

How hierarchies help & hamper us in creating great organizations | Markus Reitzig

Artificial intelligence & the future of education systems | Bernhard Schindlholzer

Survival Skills for a Data Driven Society | Christoph Holz

Unser Universum, eine Orange & die Crazy Apes | Josef M. Gaßner