Die SchülerInnen haben die Bergbahn fertiggestellt und sind gespannt auf die erste Fahrt.
With the cable car finished, the children can’t wait to put it into action.

Ferienexpress: Budding young engineers visit the FH Kufstein Tirol

11.08.2017 | General
As part of the ‘Ferienexpress’ learning scheme run by Kufstein town council during the school holidays, local children had the chance to build a miniature model of a cable car complete with motors, LEDs and 3D printing at the FH Kufstein.

This August saw budding young engineers from schools in and around Kufstein once again visit the FH Kufstein Tirol as part of FH4Kids. The second edition of the popular ‘Ferienexpress’ learning scheme run by the town council in the school holidays gave the children aged 6-12 years the chance to learn more about construction and follow the production process from simple 2D drawings all the way through to 3D models and prototypes.

School pupils learn how to build a model cable car

On two separate days two groups of children were taught how to make a model cable car with the guidance of students from the Industrial Engineering & Management degree program led by Prof. (FH) Dr. Claudia Van der Vorst. After the initial process of gathering ideas and developing a plan, it was time to draw the blueprints and look at which materials would be right for this kind of project.

The main task on day one was to build a model cable car using a 3D printer. The children also had the chance to make their own gondolas using 3D doodlers – special pens which can draw 3D models. “It was great to see how much the children enjoyed turning an idea into a real model they could touch and operate,” explains Prof. (FH) Van der Vorst, deputy director of studies for Industrial Engineering & Management. Further jobs completed on day one included making a model ticket office and a helicopter landing pad complete with flashing lights.

Attention to detail brings the model landscape to life

Day two saw the budding engineers bring the model landscape to life with intricate details such as an adventure playground with a dinosaur slide featuring shining eyes and moving wings as well as a motor-driven carousel, a rollercoaster, an ice cream van with lights and slides, sandpits, swimming pools, snack benches, swings, trees and much more.

Results presented in the main auditorium at the FH Kufstein Tirol

The impressive result of the children’s work has been put on display in the main auditorium at the FH Kufstein Tirol. Each child also got to take home a miniature gondola as a souvenir of what was a fun and educational day for all involved. The exhibition of the children’s work will remain on display until September. “We are happy that we were able to be part of the Ferienexpress scheme for a second time and welcome children from the town to our university. The FH4Kids has been a real success. We are already working on ideas for next year,” says the initiator of the project Mag. (FH) Elisabeth Kickenweitz.