Die berufsbegleitenden Masterstudierenden folgten interessiert den Eindrücken auf der digitalen Reise unter Begleitung von Prof. (FH) Dr. Michael Kohlegger stellvertretender Studiengangsleiter.
FH Kufstein Tirol
Part-time master students followed the sights and impressions on the digital journey with interest accompanied by Prof. (FH) Dr. Michael Kohlegger, deputy director of studies.

Virtual international study trip: exciting experiences at renowned companies

29.05.2020 | International
The idea to take this year’s international study trip virtually was born because of corona. Taking the trip digitally was not a big challenge for the students in the part-time study program Data Science & Intelligent Analytics.

The original international study trip for the part-time master study program Data Science & Intelligent Analytics (DSIA) was supposed to be to Lisbon to become familiar with the companies and organizations from the region there and to gain intercultural and professional experiences. Because of the corona crisis, the student group changed the physical trip to a digital international study trip and met with renowned companies virtually.

Digital impressions

The hosts gave the students exciting insights into the world of data science and showed practical fields of application for data processing. At the first virtual destination, Johannes Vater spoke about computer vision at BMW. Then the student group interacted with Andreas Müllner and his colleagues from Prospero AG about fraud case detection in the financial sector. Thomas Bode, Head of Enterprise Data & Analytics, and Monia Fernicola, Head of Business Analytics, gave interesting insights into business analytics at Swarovski. Michael Hanischer, Head of Technology, gave an illustrative presentation about data processing at Amazon Web Services. The students discussed the uses of deep learning for implant research with Michal Zaremba, Head of Artificial Intelligence at MedEl.

Marc Brüggemann, Senior Data Scientist from GPredictive, was also one of the hosts and talked to the students about a data science consultant’s practice. The students talked with Moritz Helm, Data Scientist with streaming provider Joyn, about recommender systems and their application for selling digital products. Lastly, Esther Maca and João Gomes from the Foreign Trade Center of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in Lisbon gave the group an insight into Austrian involvement in the region as well an insight into the importance of Portugal to the European economy.

The virtual international study trip gave the students an exciting week of real-life impressions. Our sincere thanks to all hosts who made this digital trip possible!