José Gandia Sánchez


I wanted to start the career in international business
  • Why did you decide to study IBS at the FH Kufstein Tirol?

I wanted to start the career in international business in a German spoken country since I am a student of the language. Also, I was looking for a place where you could find a balance point between nature and student life.

  •  What do you like most about your studies (so far)?

The variety of knowledge of the courses plus the difference in the point of view of students and professors that bring to the classes.

  •  Which courses and/or projects are you looking forward to the most (with regard to the curriculum)?

All the courses where cultural differences are involved, some of these courses are negotiation skills, international marketing and economics, cross-cultural management and so on.

  •  How did you feel about the start of your studies? Did you feel well and personally welcomed (despite the Corona measures in place at the time)?

The welcoming was excellent in despite of the covid situation. I considered that the university and the professors did their best to minimize the big barrier of the current situation.

  •  Did you have any concerns about continuing your studies under the influence of the Corona pandemic?

It is hard to know due to the uncertainty. You also need to get some experience when studying in the business field, and in Kufstein, if you are not a German speaker is hard to find a student position where to get experience.

  • How do you feel about online teaching (100%)? Are there or were there any disadvantages compared to face-to-face teaching?

I have got a divided feeling. The good thing was the record of some lectures since it helped when revising before the exam, another good point was the freedom to have the class everywhere, in my case I have been in Spain, Poland, Austria and Switzerland during this university year. On the other hand, the type of lectures was very long, and the social interaction was sometimes hard to get it in the online environment.

  •  Would you recommend your studies at the FH Kufstein Tirol, if so why and to whom? 

I would recommend to students who like small and cozy cities and especially people who enjoy nature and outdoor activities. Another essential point is that you need to be very very interested in the German language. Something very valuable is also the university facilities, which are excellent, and the opportunity to have professor who knows your name.