Julia Öttl, MA

Graduate and senior developer at THD Webservices

From a childhood dream to a passion.

Once Julia Öttl got her first PC, she wanted nothing more than to develop games at Microsoft. At an early stage, she was certain that her goal was an IT degree program. Since practical application was very important to her, she chose the bachelor degree program Business Informatics, today Web Business & Technology, at FH Kufstein Tirol after her school-leaving certificate in 2006.

It was a decision that turned out to be exactly right. During an internship at Datenverarbeitung-Tirol in 2009, Julia Öttl was able to pursue her passion of software development that she had discovered at an early stage in life. After her degree program, she was then hired directly by the company. In that same year, she completed her bachelor program with distinction and began the part-time master’s degree program ERP Systems & Business Process Management at FH Kufstein Tirol.

After completing her master’s degree program with distinction in 2011, Julia found a new challenge at KATHREIN-Austria as an ERP system supervisor and software developer. At the end of 2013, she left the company and moved to the Nuremberg area with her partner in life whom she had come to know during her degree program. She has been employed there since 2014 by his company THD Webservices as a senior developer. Among other things, the company works for German government agencies such as the Federal Employment Agency or for various universities in Germany and Austria.