Das Quiz zum Erraten von „Symbolen und Stätten der Weltreligionen“ brachte die Begeisterung der Kinder für das Thema zum Vorschein. Die „andere“ Unterrichtsform des Workshops unterstützte die kommunikative Atmosphäre.
FH Kufstein Tirol
Student in workshop classroom, holds up picture to be guessed, students point and want to answer the question

Diversity Matters: Teaching Children about World Religions through Play

02.02.2024 | Practical projects
Pupils from the Kufstein City Primary School were given an insight into religious symbolism and stories as part of workshops organized by students from the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol.

While religion is once again linked to terrorism and violence in Israel and Palestine, 72 pupils from Year 2 at Kufstein City Primary School took part in a workshop on the topic of "Raising awareness of world religions." The religion workshop was devised and organized on Januray 12, 2024 by six students from the part-time Master's degree program Sports, Culture & Event Management at the University of Applied Sciences (FH) Kufstein Tirol. The aim was to explore world religions in a playful way in a safe environment. Under the direction of coach Madeleine Johansson, the project was carried out on behalf of the FH Kufstein Tirol as part of the "Diversity Matters" series.

Getting to know world religions better - child-friendly and value-oriented

On the premises of the Kufstein City Primary School, the students arranged quizzes and short stories suitable for children in three different workshops sponsored by Sparkasse Kufstein. In the beginning, the children were given an insight into the school lesson designed by the students. This was followed by a quiz in which they were allowed to assign religious symbols and sites to the world religions of Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The pupils took part in the quiz with great enthusiasm and a great deal of knowledge. Afterward, a story from each of the four world religions was read to them in small groups. The stories were about trust, cohesion, and love. Some of the children already knew the stories and were able to share their thoughts on them.

The highlight of the morning for many pupils was the final drawing competition. The youngsters were allowed to give free rein to their creativity and draw excerpts from traditional family celebrations on paper – some drew religious festivals, others family gatherings.

Teachers and students drew a positive conclusion

Not only did the children reward the students with their motivation for intercultural exchange at an early age, but the teaching staff and management also gave very positive feedback. The aim of developing an understanding of different cultures and religions was achieved very well. Student project manager Almedina Benning summarized the team's experience: "We were fascinated by the knowledge and curiosity of the pupils and their unreserved cooperation. We really enjoyed working with the children." Coach Madeleine Johansson added that "the students managed an impressive implementation. Nowadays, the topic of religion is difficult to convey, yet the team succeeded in creating added value for the children and counteracting prejudices to a certain extent through playful information."

Diversity Matters – about the project series

With the annual project series "Diversity Matters," the FH Kufstein Tirol addresses the inner dimensions of the diversity wheel: Age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, origin, and religion.

The modern, contemporary twist on the theme and the interpretation and preparation of the project are carried out by students at the University as part of a practical project.

The team would like to thank Sparkasse Kufstein, which has supported the "Diversity Matters" project series for years and made the project possible in the first place.