Durch den Erhalt und Ausbau ihrer Grünflächen trägt die FH Kufstein Tirol mit ihrem grünen Campus nicht nur zu einem gesunden Klima bei, sondern lädt Studierende und Anwohner:innen zum Verweilen ein.
FH Kufstein Tirol
By maintaining and expanding its green spaces, the FH Kufstein Tirol not only contributes to a healthy climate with its green campus, but also invites students and residents to linger.

Sustainability As a Common Goal of Austrian Universities

11.01.2024 | General
Under the leadership of the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol, eight Tyrolean universities are committed to tackling the challenges of climate change and resource scarcity. Their common goal is to promote a sustainable future actively.

The promotion of sustainability in education was the focus of the Tyrolean University Conference with its eight universities. The University of Applied Sciences (FH) Kufstein Tirol plays a pioneering role in this. The focus in terms of environmental protection and the UN Sustainable Development Goals is on teaching and research, students and employees, events, building operations, and infrastructure. "We want to consciously set an example with our activities and take responsibility," emphasizes Prof. (FH) Dr. Thomas Madritsch, Managing Director of FH Kufstein Tirol, who lives sustainability both professionally and privately.

Sustainability in teaching and research

Tyrolean universities embed sustainability deep into the core of their activities, in particular through targeted integration into teaching and research. This includes the promotion of environmentally conscious thinking, the development of problem-solving skills, and the support of innovative projects for a climate-neutral circular economy. These efforts offer potential for the local economy and strengthen the Tyrol as a business location and living space. In cooperation with the eight Tyrolean universities, the University of Applied Sciences Health, the Kirchliche Pädagogische Hochschule Edith Stein, the Management Center Innsbruck, the Medical Universität Innsbruck, the Pedagogical University Tirol, the Private University for Health Sciences, the Medical Informatics and Technical University, and the University Innsbruck, the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol is developing a joint sustainability strategy and maintains an intensive exchange in its networks. In the Energy & Sustainability Management and Facility Management & Real Estate Management degree programs, in particular, the institution of higher education trains students to become forward-looking visionaries in line with reality. "Through practical projects, we support municipalities and regions on their path to energy transition and see ourselves as a driving force at the national and international level," says Prof. (FH) PD Dr. Mario Döller, Rector of Kufstein University of Applied Sciences. 

Work-life balance, green events, and building operations

The Tyrolean universities are also committed to the work-life balance and health of students and employees, emphasizing healthy nutrition with a regional focus and the use of local products, especially at events. Every year, the Healthy Campus working group at FH Kufstein Tirol develops new campaigns to promote the health of its employees. Measures to avoid waste and the organization of sustainable events underline the commitment to an environmentally conscious university community. "The aim of the Tyrolean universities is to raise awareness and change the behavior of all employees and students, thereby making a significant contribution to a sustainable livelihood for future generations," emphasizes Madritsch.

In the area of building operation and infrastructure, the educational institution focuses on the efficient use of resources and the increased use of renewable energies. The measures not only help to reduce CO2 emissions but also promote cost savings through the sustainable use of existing infrastructure.

Alliance for Sustainable Universities

Back in October 2021, FH Kufstein Tirol joined forces with 13 other universities of applied sciences to form the Sustainable Universities Alliance. The alliance has set itself the goal of actively contributing to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in order to fulfill its social responsibility and protect the environment.