Die Studierenden besuchten auf ihrer Studienreise nach Dublin mit Studiengangsleiter Peter Dietrich unter anderem das Guinness Storehouse.
FH Kufstein Tirol
Students, accompanied by program director Peter Dietrich, visited the Guinness Storehouse during their study trip to Dublin.

Study Trip: Between Green Hills, Legends, Traditions, and International Tech Giants

22.08.2023 | International
Students of the part-time Bachelor's program International Business Studies spent five days in the Irish capital, Dublin, exploring the country, its people, its tech giants, and its diverse cuisine.

Nestled in the Atlantic, where rugged coastlines meet gentle green hills, lies a land of mystique and history: Ireland. A place known not only for its breathtaking landscapes but also for its rich cultural traditions and captivating legends. The study trip to Ireland began with landing in Dublin, the bustling capital that instantly charmed the visiting group. The winding streets of Dublin hold secrets of days gone by, while modern indulgences tantalize the senses. Over five days, the students of the part-time Bachelor's program International Business Studies experienced the city's historical treasures, culinary delights, and the captivating culture of Dublin, renowned not only for its rich heritage but also its warm hospitality and contrasting modern tech world.

Day #1: City Tour with Alex | Lunch at Gallagher's Boxty House | Visiting the Book of Kells

On the first day of the trip, the students embarked on a city tour with Alex, navigating the vibrant streets of Dublin. They admired the majestic structures like Dublin Castle and the venerable Christ Church Cathedral, which transported the group back in time. Street performers and the lively bustle in pubs gave a glimpse of the city's vibrant atmosphere. For lunch, the travelers dined at Gallagher's Boxty House and savored traditional Irish dishes. The Boxty pancakes and hearty Irish Stew offered a delicious introduction to local cuisine. Post lunch, the group visited the historic Trinity College to marvel at the renowned Book of Kells. The exquisite illuminated manuscripts amazed everyone and allowed a deep dive into rich Celtic history.

Day #2: Butlers Chocolate Factory Tour | Guinness Storehouse | Ruby Sessions

The second day started on a sweet note with a visit to Butlers Chocolate Factory. Tasting handmade chocolates was a real treat. The young adults gained insight into the art of chocolate-making and even got to decorate a chocolate elephant. Next up was the famed Guinness Storehouse, a haven for beer enthusiasts. The interactive tour provided a journey through the history of the legendary brew and offered a stunning city view from the Gravity Bar. In the evening, the group relaxed at Doyles Bar, a traditional pub renowned for its Ruby Sessions featuring live music. The melodious tunes set the mood, ensuring a fitting end to the day in Dublin.

Day #3: IBM | Phoenix Park

The third day's itinerary included a visit to the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). The Europe Digital Sales Centre's branch is located in Dublin. Volkan Yigit and many of his colleagues welcomed the visitors from Kufstein, providing insights into the company's operations and roles. Attendees also participated in interactive presentations on topics such as sustainability, AI, and job opportunities. After a shared lunch at IBM's canteen, some students opted to explore Phoenix Park nearby, one of Europe's largest urban parklands, spanning 707 hectares.

Day #4: Austrian Embassy Commercial Section | Google

On the penultimate day, students had a unique opportunity to visit the residence of the Austrian Embassy. Consul Erika Bernath and Trade Delegate Dr. Josef Treml shared insights on trade relations between Ireland and Austria and embassy operations. Post the discussion, the group proceeded to visit Google, which houses its EMEA headquarters in Dublin. Anastasia Sanselzon and her team warmly welcomed them. After dining at Google's cafeteria, the students were treated to tour the headquarters, gaining insights into modern work environments.

Day #5: Tesco

The final day in Dublin was dedicated to Tesco, a grocery chain with over 166 outlets in Ireland for over 25 years. Kern Kinnear, the purchasing manager for spirits and tobacco, kindly welcomed the group at the Tesco outlet in Clarehall Shopping Centre, Dublin. The visitors learned about Tesco's strategy, how they have handled challenges from the past years, like Covid-19, and their plans for future challenges like inflation. A guided supermarket tour followed, allowing students to see the strategy's practical implementation firsthand.

Dublin, a city of contrasts, captivated the students with its magic. The study trip provided a wealth of experiences that will be cherished for a long time. The aspiring graduates discovered the pulsating heart of Ireland and were enchanted by the warm Irish hospitality.