Die Reise führte die Gruppe der Studierenden des Studiengangs Internationale Wirtschaft & Management in drei Städte Marokkos.
FH Kufstein Tirol
The trip took the group of students of the International Business Studies program to three cities in Morocco.

Study Trip to Morocco: Oriental Dream World Meets Investment Location

28.06.2023 | Excursions
The part-time Bachelor's program in International Business Studies not only became familiar with Morocco's royal cities but also the multi-layered economy of the country.

At the end of May 2023, the study trip for the part-time Bachelor's program in International Business Studies led students and the program director, Prof. (FH) Peter Dietrich, to Morocco, visiting the cities of Marrakech, Casablanca, and Rabat.

Marrakech – A City Between Tradition and Modernity

The old town of Marrakech, known as Medina, is a UNESCO World Heritage site established in 1126. Surrounded by miles-long city walls, the narrow and lively alleys offer an authentic insight into the Moroccan culture of spice and tea merchants. Students explored the cozy Arabian culture in Marrakech and the inspiring business ideas and open workspaces. Additionally, the travel group visited the CADI AYYAD UNIVERSITY Marrakech and had the opportunity to solve and discuss a case study task with students from Marrakech. They later networked and answered each other's questions over traditional mint tea.

Casablanca – Morocco's Largest City with Impressive Architecture

Casablanca, located south of the capital, Rabat, on the Atlantic coast, is Morocco's largest city. There, students visited the third-largest mosque in the world, named after King Hassan II, who passed away in 1999. In Casablanca, students also met with staff from the Foreign Trade Center Casablanca and received insights about economics, politics, and personal life in Morocco.

Rabat – Morocco's Trade and Industrial Center

Subsequently, Ambassador Dr. Anna Jankovic welcomed the travel group to the residence of the Austrian Embassy in Rabat for lunch. Here, students gained an authentic insight into the ambassador's life, career, and daily tasks. To strengthen contacts and connections with Rabat Business School, the entire group then visited the partner university's campus. They enjoyed a tour of the modern buildings and the vast lecture halls. In one of them, students attended a lecture on Morocco's economic situation, gaining a better understanding of how the country operates and which industries have found their homes in Morocco.

The last item on the agenda was a tour of the APTIV Company in one of Morocco's two free trade zones. The company's young and motivated staff reflected the country's international role.

The study trip was a fantastic opportunity for the part-time students to get a taste of the international atmosphere and know each other and the country better.