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FM & REM WinterCongress

International Professional Congress

The Facility Management & Real Estate Management Winter Congress took place at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol from 1998 to 2019 to connect experts and researchers from the fields of Facility and Real Estate Management, Technology, and Economics to facilitate an active exchange of thoughts and experiences.

Management trend topics

The FM & REM Winter Congress traditionally represented one of the first industry meetings of the year, where current topics in Facility Management and Real Estate Economics were discussed. The comprehensive consideration of diverse subjects and the international orientation of the congress made the Kufstein FM & REM Winter Congress an important gathering among professionals.

Participants highly valued the technical discussions and the internationally recognized keynote speakers, experts, and researchers. Moreover, they appreciated the opportunity to network and establish new contacts during the multifaceted evening events.

Knowledge transfer and networking

In addition to the FM & REM Winter Congress, the EFIM Winter School is a recurring event for international student groups to collaborate and investigate annually changing topics under the theme of "Sustainable Urban Development." At the EFIM Winter School,  participants attend lectures and participate in various workshops and excursions to gain as realistic and comprehensive an understanding of the respective topic as possible.

Looking Back

FM & REM WinterCongress:

FM & REM WinterCongress 2019

  • Leadership in Facility & Real Estate Management

FM & REM WinterCongress 2018

  • 20 Years Facility & Real Estate Management – Challenges and Developments

FM & REM WinterCongress 2017

  • Customer Focus

FM & REM WinterCongress 2016

  • Industrial Facilities

FM & REM WinterCongress 2015

  • Serviced Housing

FM & REM WinterCongress 2014 

  • Health Facilities

FM & REM WinterCongress 2013 

  • Hotel & Leisure Facilities

FM & REM WinterCongress 2012

  • Mobility vs. Immobility

FM & REM WinterCongress 2011

  • Built Environment

FM & REM WinterCongress 2010

  • Opportunities Through Sustainability

FM & REM WinterCongress 2009

  • Improving Healthcare with the aid of Real Estate & Facility Management

FM & REM WinterCongress 2008 

  • Industrial Facility Management – Value Increase Through Facility & Real Estate Management

FM & REM WinterCongress 2007 

  • Strategies for the Public Realm in Facility and Real Estate Management

FM & REM WinterCongress 2006

  • Opportunities Through East Openings

FM & REM WinterCongress 2005

  • Remodeling vs. New Construction

FM & REM WinterCongress 2004 

  • Innovation and Movement

FM & REM WinterCongress 2002 

  • Facility Management at the Intersection Between Architects, General Contractors, Investors, and Real Estate Management

FM & REM WinterCongress 2001

  • Change in Values in Europa, Transparency in the Evaluation of Financing

FM & REM WinterCongress 2000

  • Facility Management Education: Opportunities and Responsibilities

FM & REM WinterCongress 1999

  • Current Trends in Facility Management

FM & REM WinterCongress 1998

  • Value Increase Through Facility Management


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Asc. Prof. (FH) Dipl.-Ing. Christian Huber
Director of Studies Bachelor Energy & Sustainability Management, Facility & Real Estate Management / Master Energy & Sustainability Management, Facility & Real Estate Management / Institute for Energy, Facility & Real Estate Management
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