Diversity Management, Inclusion & Family Friendliness

Gender Mainstreaming & Diversity Management

The topic of diversity management deals with integrating diversity into the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences and with nondiscrimination regardless of someone’s origin, nationality, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, skin color or disability. Gender mainstreaming focuses on gender equality and support for women. The Kufstein University of Applied Sciences aims at providing to all members of the university a campus of diversity and equality on which discrimination does not need to be discussed as it simply does not exist.

Commentary in the Statute of the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences (abridged extract)

The Kufstein University of Applied Sciences actively and openly strives to provide all of its students and members of staff equal opportunities regardless of gender, age, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation and social background. Through its efforts, the university contributes actively to eliminate existing inequalities in society and to create a learning and working environment that sees diversity as an enrichment.

The Kufstein University of Applied Sciences strives for a balanced representation of women and men and commits itself to fulfilling its tasks to provide equal opportunities as laid out in the Austrian Equal Treatment Act and the University of Applied Sciences’ Study Act. Specifically, the university commits itself to:

  • actively promoting equality between women and men on all levels throughout the university
  • strengthening all university staff members’ gender and diversity competencies through, for example, staff training
  • assessing and orienting the university’s working processes, decisions and developments regarding its equal rights orientation and its effectiveness in achieving equal rights’ objectives
  • developing and tracking specific measures for promoting women, in particular, because of their underrepresentation, within the more technical degree programs and university committees
  • including this commitment in all guiding and strategy papers

The statutes

Measures set so far

  • Appointment of gender and diversity officers and definition of their responsibilities
  • Regular internal data collection and reporting (internal/external)
  • Development of and commitment to gender-neutral language within the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences
  • Regular training weeks on, for example, diversity management, including target-audience-specific training for the public, teachers, students and service staff
  • Regular training on unspecific topics offered in the Business School or as part of student union courses for students
  • Support for university members doing topic-specific research or needing to be put in touch with counseling services
  • Intensive networking of the Association of Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences’ working group on gender mainstreaming & diversity management
  • Seeking cooperation with labor-market-relevant interfaces to initiate programs for the support of women in technical degree programs
  • Living equality and diversity in prospective students’ and employees’ application procedures
  • Including gender and diversity topics into lessons and research
  • Including the topic of nondiscrimination into course evaluations

Activities & actions