Diversity Management, Inclusion & Family Friendliness

Inclusion & Barrier-free access

The topic of inclusion focuses, on the one hand, on nondiscriminatory access to education for all students and applicants regardless of physical disabilities or chronic/mental illness. On the other hand, inclusion also deals with impaired teachers and other members of staff.

Students and applicants with disabilities or chronic/mental illness must be provided with studying conditions at the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences that are optimal for them. For that, it has to be kept in mind that disabilities are as different as people’s personalities. This is why the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences strives for practical, innovative and individual solutions for people with particular needs.

To learn continuously and to promote the exchange of experiences with other universities, the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences is a member of existing networks such as uniability and the Association of Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences’ working group on diversity management.


Statement of the University Board

“The Kufstein University of Applied Sciences supports but also challenges its students–what is important is providing personal and individual support. Our values are based on openness and diversity–this requires mutual respect and the equal treatment of all people. We value a culture of appreciation and see ourselves as an organization that wants to learn and that constantly develops further. We pay particular attention to supporting impaired applicants, students, teachers and other members of staff, to allow them to play their part in our university.”


Adapted processes for applicants/students with disabilities

  • Alternative admission process for applicants with a medical report from a specialist (Statute and General Examination Regulations)
  • Alternative exam methods throughout the degree with a medical report from a specialist
  • Private access chip for elevator use (building B)
  • Permission for guide dogs (exemption from the house rules)
  • In case of a disability of at least 50% (proof of disability passport), the FH Kufstein Tirol grants a 50% waiver of the tuition fee for the duration of the studies.


Kufstein University of Applied Sciences facilities for people with disabilities

  • 6 out of 7 entrances are accessible for people with walking difficulties
  • 4 out of 4 elevators are accessible in all parts of the building
  • Accessible toilets
  • Tactile guidance system including lecture hall lettering of the university
  • Tactile building plan opposite the central infopoint (entrance city park)
  • Portable induction loop system with microphone and headphones (available at the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences Infopoint)
  • Disabled parking in the underground car park


Accessibility for events in the ballroom


  • Public, barrier-free travel is possible with the Kufstein city bus (stop Oberer Stadtplatz).
  • If you arrive by car, there are two parking spaces for people with disabilities in the underground parking garage.
  • The path from the barrier-free parking lot to the elevator is level and without thresholds. The first door is 90 cm wide and opens inwards. The second door is 100 cm wide and opens inwards.
  • The elevator door is 92 cm wide, button 0 (ballroom) is 95 cm high. The lift has a surface area of 220 cm x 110 cm.
  • The door on the right leads to the ballroom. It is 120 cm wide and opens inwards with some difficulty.
  • There is no tactile guidance system.
  • Lift buttons with Braille lettering.


  • The ballroom is located on the first floor and is steplessly accessible. The door is 118 cm wide and opens outwards.
  • The seating is flexible and the ballroom has ample space for movement.
  • The room can be equipped with an inductive hearing system if required.
  • A lifting platform for the stage can be hired if required. The lectern is height-adjustable.
  • The buffet area in the anteroom can usually be driven under.

Toilet facilities

  • The nearest barrier-free WC is accessible without steps.  
  • The toilet door is 90 cm wide and opens outwards. The room offers a maneuvering space of 151 cm x 217 cm. There is 65 cm of space to the left of the WC and 31 cm to the right. The toilet bowl is 47 cm high. The toilet bowl is not height-adjustable. There are sturdy grab rails on both sides of the toilet bowl.
  • The washbasin is wheelchair accessible and the tap is fitted with a single-lever mixer. Soap dispensers and towels can be reached at a maximum height of 110 cm.
  • There is an emergency call system.


Collection of links for students with disabilities

Information centers(only available in German):

Disability organizations:

Ombudsman (only available in German):

Information leaflet (only available in German):

Studying with a disability–a publication by the Federal Ministry for Science, Research & Economy: