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Key learning outcomes

The highest learning and educational goal is qualifying future management employees for the challenging tasks of managing a company. Knowledge of corporate management is required to take over management positions at all hierarchy levels.

The course content of the program initially conveys a broad basic knowledge of economics with a strong focus on management. The program sets itself apart from other educational opportunities by conveying basic skills in the areas of company formation (entrepreneurship), safeguarding companies in growth phases, transferring business ownership and corporate succession, as well as in the area of holistic, sustainable corporate management in (middle) management in line with modern entrepreneurship.

Graduates are capable of the following:

  • Understanding business management and ethical aspects of entrepreneurship.
  • Dealing with strategic, process, resource, market, and value-oriented corporate management problems.
  • Successfully using instruments to solve corporate management finance problems.
  • Shaping the entire process of managing company founding and corporate succession.
  • Creating and critically evaluating business plans for companies.
  • Successfully solving management problems in middle management positions.
  • Understanding and estimating the effects of the influence of digitization on various business management problems.


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Prof. (FH) DDr. Mario Situm, MBA
Director of Studies Business Management
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