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Occupational fields

If you can understand a company, you can understand the world. A precise view of how companies function is crucial. This makes global trends comprehensible. Developments such as the mobility of tomorrow or blockchain technologies may seem quite different from each other. However, what a lot of major changes have in common is the crucial role of companies. If you manage your own company or work in an organization, you can become an agent of further development.

The Business Management bachelor degree program gives students a deep insight into corporate management. Alumni are prepared for a broad spectrum of professions. The range of skills that is acquired during the degree program also allows students to start a career in a large variety of industries.

Occupational fields that BM students work in after their bachelor degree program *

Of these, 15.2% are employed at family-owned companies (e.g. marketing in their parents’ company).

* The data pool was 107 alumni of the Business Management bachelor degree program who concluded their degree program in the years 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 (as of fall 2022).


After the degree program

Consultant, company founder, family-owned company, or management after all?

Employers included:

  • Deloitte
  • Mercedes
  • Porsche
  • Audi
  • FC Ingolstadt
  • Marco Polo
  • Scalable Capital

Feedback from the industrial sector

SME/big cooperation

SME/big cooperation

"The Business Management degree program offers ideal preparation for professional life. From the initial broad selection of basic courses, you get a very good overview of a wide variety of corporate divisions and functions. Based on this, an individual focal point can be set by academic papers, practically-oriented study projects, and the bachelor thesis. The degree program is optimally supplemented by a mandatory semester abroad at one of our many partner universities spread throughout the world where first and foremost inter-cultural, social, and linguistic skills are promoted."

Samuel Schildgen, BM graduate

Family-owned company

Family-owned company

"For me, the Business Management bachelor degree program was the ideal preparation for professional life and was my entrance into the family business. Especially because of the targeted courses in the area of managing and taking over family-owned companies. I took the opportunity and completed the practical semester right in our local family business. I wrote my bachelor thesis on a topic that fit our family business. The semester abroad was also exciting and enabled me to enjoy student life in Sheffield, England. Overall, the Business Management degree program is very worthwhile. You receive a well-founded education that familiarizes you with the various areas of business management with a high degree of practical relevance."

Laura Dygruber, BM graduate

Consulting company

Consulting company

"The Business Management bachelor degree program is the ideal degree program for company founders, company successors, or consultants since right from the beginning the content is conveyed with a good mix of theory and practice. In my everyday work as a consultant, my broad understanding of business management issues is a special benefit to me. Understanding how a company works as a whole is decisive in order to be able to accurately recognize and implement optimization potential. It is my daily drive to help entrepreneurs become better."

Pascal Jochberger, BM graduate



"For my own start-up, the many practically-oriented projects that we were able to do during the degree program especially helped me. I was able to learn and practice valuable project management skills as well as a wide variety of soft skills in small groups with like-minded students. I found out what my strengths and weaknesses are. At the same time, experienced lecturers provided me with the necessary theoretical basis. I highly recommend the degree program regardless of whether you would like to be self-employed or have an employment relationship."

Veronika Gassner, BM graduate

Insights into jobs of Business Management alumni

Focus on people

What does emotional due diligence mean, and why are there jobs in this area?

Due diligence among other things generally means a careful check that a purchaser makes before investing or purchasing a company. During due diligence, the company to be acquired is examined in precise detail.

The Austrian company EDD has specialized in team due diligence. This means that people who work together are surveyed. Their chances of success as a team are evaluated.

Dario Binder, Business Management graduate, reports:

"During the degree program, I learned how companies actually function. A good mix of practice and scientific input was crucial for that. Economic performance indicators, legal fundamentals, or digital tools can be conveyed in an interesting way in the lecture room. You learn other crucial items such as the interpersonal dimension in group work, practical projects, or the semester abroad. This valuable knowledge about how to make the human components in start-up and innovation teams quantifiable is a challenge that I very much like to pose to myself at EDD. My time in Kufstein prepared me well for this."



Focus on sustainability

Keeping economics and ecology in mind at the same time

The subject area of sustainability is now one of the most important areas of work for companies. If you get involved here, you can make a portion of the future better.

BM graduate Anna Wirrer is a sustainability expert at dm drogerie markt. She works in the marketing and purchasing department and deals with a variety of issues and products regarding sustainability.

She also functions as the interface to the human resources department because internal communication and thus information to all employees are important criteria to be able to structure sustainability in a noticeable way.

"I am especially glad that my everyday life is so diversified and varied. It is important to me to always have new challenges in my professional life so that I can continue to grow.

dm drogerie markt offers me a lot of opportunities and attractive options to realize my full potential.

The Business Management degree program gave me the right tools for that: from project management to my own demeanor to the right means of communication."


Practical application as a springboard for starting into professional life

Practicing professionals especially appreciate the application-oriented approach of the BM bachelor degree program. This gives graduates top opportunities on the labor market.

High level & mix of skills

"The degree program has a wide variety of practice-oriented content, and at the same time the program is at a high level especially because of its good balance between theory and practice. The topics that are taught are up-to-date and are a very good reflection of the requirements of businesses. Developments in business are also directly reflected in the material that is taught. In addition to intellectual and scientific content, the students also are very well taught how to successfully and happily interact as a person in a very volatile international working environment. This provides a comprehensive profile that has a good balance of various skills. These are the reasons why we like to employ students especially from this degree program at our company in Munich."

Thomas Bluth, Managing Director of tiramizoo GmbH Munich

Practical insights & projects

"In addition to a well-founded education in business management, the valuable practical insights and projects especially promote student growth into future-oriented managers. New times also require new management orientation with new approaches and principles. These are taught in the Business Management degree program. At this point, management is already a matter of your attitude. What you especially need is enthusiasm and genuine interest in people!"

Katie Tropper, Expert for Sustainable Regional Development


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