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Academic & Empirical Methods

level of course unit


Learning outcomes of course unit

The students are able to:
• Describe and apply the fundamentals of academic work
• Research, evaluate and quote specialist literature
• Present and apply academic methods of literature analysis
• Understand and apply concepts and methods of descriptive and explorative statistics

prerequisites and co-requisites


course contents

• Principles of academic and scientific work
o Science and scientific language
o Literature research
o Citation and source work
o Avoidance of plagiarism
• Principles of descriptive and explorative statistics
o statistical characteristics and variables
o univariate and multivariate descriptive and explorative statistics
o index numbers
o correlation and regression analyses
o concentration measurement
o time series analysis

The module contains 25% exercises. This form of teaching takes place in small groups.

recommended or required reading

• Heisen, M. R. und M. Theisen 2021. Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten: erfolgreich bei Bachelor- und Masterarbeit. München: Franz Vahlen
• Bourier, G., 2018. Beschreibende Statistik: Praxisorientierte Einführung – Mit Aufgaben und Lösungen. 13. Auflage. Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler
• Fahrmeir, L., R. Künstler, I. Pigeot, I. und G. Tutz, 2012. Statistik: Der Weg zur Datenanalyse. 7. Auflage. Berlin: Springer
• Fahrmeir, L., Kneib, T. & Lang, S., 2009. Regression: Modelle, Methoden und Anwendungen. 2. Auflage. Berlin: Springer

assessment methods and criteria

Term paper and written exam

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planned learning activities and teaching methods

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integrated lecture

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