Industrial Engineering & Management FT
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From the 3rd semester on, students can specialize in the areas of product development or organisation & management. Thus, the education in Kufstein offers to further advantages:

It conveys

  • the range of skills of an industrial engineer (generalist) and
  • the expert knowledge in a field of specialization (specialist).

Product development industrial engineer

The product development specialization is about modern products and innovative ideas. Creativity, technical knowledge, and knowledge of market behavior and customer desires open the door for product development. Sustainability and a consistently digital development process are other aspects that make up contemporary product development. 

The students learn,

  • which methods and technologies are used in what way during development to be able to develop successful products in a way that is efficient and customer-oriented;
  • how innovation, research, and development can be actively designed and which influential factors must be taken into account to provide products fit for the market.


A data explorer was developed in the Interaction Design & Product Design lecture of the Smart Products & Solutions master’s degree program with external lecturer Mara Lindner.
Concept & implementation: Franz Hubauer, Alexander Führen, Markus Ehrlenbach.

Steps, from the idea to sketches and CAD models to the finished project:

Production industrial engineer

Students in the special field of organization & management deal with the most important processes in a manufactoring company. They learn how companies are organized, how resources are used efficiently and how employees are managed. Using laboratory exercises, simulations and projects, they learn how to use smart applications, digitalize value-creating processes and ensure the sustainability requirements of a company.

Übung zur Materialversorgung am Shop-Floor

Umbau der vollautomatischen Produktionsstraße

Übung zur Optimierung eines einzelnen Arbeitsplatzes

Übung zur Verbesserung des Materialflusses in der Produktion

Digitalisierung am Shop-Floor mit Datenbrille

Digitalisierung am Shop-Floor durch elektronisches Kanban