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360 Grad Panorama SKVM: What we stand for


Our Bachelor's and Master's degree programs offer a unique and proven link between sports, cultural and events management. The academic education of our students is interdisciplinary, research-related, and socially connected, all in consideration of current developments in both theory and practice.

We carry out innovative research projects, with student involvement, and ensure that the results of our research are incorporated into teaching in our degree programs and made accessible to the university community and the public at large.

Degree Program

Diversity is an essential part of our study programs. Both students and our employees are part of an international network, together with our teachers, other universities, and other partners. Our degree programs are accompanied by a strong team in a personal environment and the students are prepared to deal with complex problems.


A good education distinguishes itself for us by expert knowledge as well as professional competence and skills. Additionally, developing a critical attitude is important to us; our graduates are able to deal responsibly with social challenges.