ERP Systems & Business Process Management PT
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Study insights

Interactive, creative learning methods

Part-time degree programs especially require new learning methods, away from pure lecturing and towards a joint learning experience with strong ties to one's own profession. Examples include:

  • Simulation games to gain experience with process problems and solutions
  • Quantitative process analysis made ​​easy through multiple regression in the design of experiments
  • Development of individual process performance dashboards
  • Transfer of process and quality engineering skills to one's own profession through My Processes exercise aiming at enabling people to directly apply new content to their everyday working life
  • E-learning: Everybody learns differently. Through the targeted use of e-learning resources, different types of learners can be accommodated. Examples of e-learning resources used are whiteboards, digital flashcards and virtual classrooms.
  • Application
    Business planning game: Interrelating operational processes can be experienced by students through a planning game. The game's objective is to, in several rounds, make a company successful. That way, business decisions' consequences become apparent immediately.

Business planning game

Experiencing how operational processes come together through a planning game for students. The game's objective is to, in several rounds, make a company successful. The game is useful for students as it makes consequences of business decisions become apparent immediately.


Current developments explained by experts

Lean Production und Lean Office at Steelcase

Excursion: Six Sigma and Lean Management at B/S/H


New impressions through educational trips

During a one-week trip abroad, course content is complemented through lectures at host universities, company visits and discussions with experts as well as through cultural experiences. Students can choose from a selection of destinations. So far, students have taken trips to, among others:

Career paths for ERP graduates

SAP Innojam@FH Kufstein Tirol

In February 2015, the well-known competition SAP Innojam took place at the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences. The competition's objective was to develop the best-possible solution for customers' problems. The degree program ERP-Systems & Business Process Management offered the perfect environment for SAP University Alliances’ activities. Follow this link to a video from Elevator Pitch.