Smart Products & Solutions PT
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Expected learning outcome

Graduates are capable of the following:

  • Determining the requirements from a technical and economic perspective within the context of creating smart products and solutions in the definition phase, developing and evaluating alternative concepts as well as defining suitable process and method usage.
  • Advantageously processing data for a specific case, which includes the definition of required data, data preparation, evaluation and interpretation as well as conceptual implementation.
  • Analyzing and describing the necessary steps and requirements for increased digitization for companies at various levels. This change begins at the employee level within the sense of management in the digital age and takes the particularities of international teams and projects in this topical area and the company with its processes and structures into account.
  • Understanding interdisciplinary and interconnected technical, economic, social and legal aspects and, building on this, developing innovative and effective solutions within the meaning of a holistic mindset with interdisciplinary and intercultural teams