Sports, Culture & Event Management PT
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Key learning outcomes

The graduates are able to do the following:

  • They are familiar with the research results from the cultural and sports sciences on an international level and can evaluate these results and use them for specific promotional concepts (European Union, foundations, sports associations). They are able to use well-founded, analytically acquired theoretical and practical expertise in sports, culture and event management and apply it in practice in the form of transfer models (e.g. synergetic event formats such as the Olympic Games, the European Capital of Culture Program, etc.).
  • They are able to plan, prepare, realize, publicize and evaluate large sports and cultural events, congresses, special events and other event formats in a sustainable manner.
  • They have the capability to analyze subcultural event formats and trend sports.
  • They are capable of planning and designing infrastructure interventions, identifying research-related trends in the events field, describing them in theoretical terms and implementing them in the context of urban and regional development.