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International Event Management

Niveau der Lehrveranstaltung/des Moduls laut Lehrplan

first cycle, Master

Lernergebnisse der Lehrveranstaltung/des Moduls

Students will be able:
- to distinguish between different types of events and analyze their scope.
- understand and apply event planning and management tools and processes.
- to appreciate the complexity of event planning and management.
- to analyze different kinds of information and data.
- to articulate and present arguments and ideas.
- to cooperate with their peers by working in groups, conduct joint information and find solutions to practical programs.

Voraussetzungen laut Lehrplan

not applicable


- Event typologies and classifications
- Event planning models and planning stages
- Event life cycle
- Stakeholder analysis
- Event idea generation
- Event logistics and operations
- Event evaluation

empfohlene Fachliteratur

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Bewertungsmethoden und -kriterien

course paper



Anzahl der zugewiesenen ECTS-Credits


eLearning Anteil in Prozent


Semesterwochenstunden (SWS)


geplante Lehr- und Lernmethoden

integrated course

Semester/Trimester, in dem die Lehrveranstaltung/das Modul angeboten wird


Name des/der Vortragenden


Kennzahl der Lehrveranstaltungen/des Moduls


Art der Lehrveranstaltung/des Moduls

Integrierte Lehrveranstaltung

Art der Lehrveranstaltung



not applicable