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Filmfriend, a video-on-demand database for libraries, with an extensive range of products from classic films to sophisticated documentaries, international art house cinema and children's series, can be found at the following web address:

With the e-mail address that we have given and the password that we will send you (e-mail to, you can log on to the smart TV, tablet, laptop or log in to the smartphone. Films and series can either be streamed directly or temporarily downloaded for 30 days so that they can also be viewed offline.

Further information on how you can use filmfriend on the various end devices (German only):

Download support filmfriend


Onleihe Tirol

Onleihe Tirol is a digital library with a wide range of e-books, e-audios and e-journals. Books for children and young adults, novels and non-fiction books can be read in your browser or can be downloaded in the app on your smart phone, tablet or e-book reader (for a maximum of 21 days). For kubi members the Onleihe Tirol services are free of charge.

How it works

kubi media boxes

The media boxes are primarily aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 10 or at educational institutions. They enable a target-oriented mediation of literature. In addition to the media boxes for children, there are also some for German learners or seniors.

The boxes can be borrowed for six weeks and contain up to twenty topic related items (books, games, audiobooks, flashcards…).

Death and grief

The selected items handle  the topics  death and grief sensitively and appropriately for children. The books show gently what happens when loved ones leave us. (Ein Ort für meine Traurigkeit from Anne Booth, Nie mehr Oma-Lina-Tag from Hermien Stellmacher, …)


The selected items focus on  the following topics: mathematics, informatics, natural science and technology. You will find entertaining and exciting books which encourage participation. (Meine Wissens-Wunderkiste Naturwissenschaft from Katie Daynes, Die Kinder-Uni Wissens-Box: gekürzte Lesung mit Musik, …)

Clock and time

Children can learn to tell the time in a playful way with this box. Embedded in everyday stories, occasions to talk about time are created. (Mein Wisch-und-weg-Buch: Wie spät ist es? with a wipeable pen from Jessica Greenwell, Wieviel Uhr ist es nur? from Daniela Kulot, …)


A wide variety of family relationships and constellations are taught to the children through the items of this box. Topics such as „becoming a brother or sister“, „patchwork„ or „rainbow families“ are explained in a child-friendly way. (Das alles ist Familie from Michael Engler, Leonie bekommt ein Geschwisterchen from Sandra Grimm, …)

Human and body

With the selected items, children learn about the human body.   Physique, blood circulation and various bodily functions are discussed.  (Mein Körper gehört mir! Schutz vor Missbrauch from Dagmar Geisler, Du und ich sind gleich und anders from Mary Hoffman, …)


The world of dinosaurs fascinates many children. This media box contains exciting books with interactive elements. (Hatten Dinosaurier Ohren? from Katie Daynes, Tony T-Rex und seine Familie from Michael Benton, …)

Holiday and Vacation

Various stories on the subject of holidays and vacations can be found in this box. It also contains exciting ideas on what to do during the holidays. There is also a music tonie included in this box. (Mister Oscar macht Ferien from Jim Field, 52 tolle Ideen für die Ferien, …)

Environment and nature

This box contains children's non-fiction books that bring our little ones closer to protecting our environment and nature, but also suitable stories with popular children's book heroes and songs to sing along to. (Storys für Kinder, die Welt retten wollen from Carola Benedetto, Conni kümmert sich um die Umwelt from Liane Schneider, …)

Start of school

With the items of this box, children can playfully prepare for the start of school. It includes everything about the first day of school as well as pattern, number and letter exercises. (Emmi & Einschwein - Lesen macht lustig from Anna Böhm, Wir kommen in die Schule from Brigitte Gottschalk, …)

Animals and insects

In this box, farm animals, spiders, beetles and many other creatures are introduced to children. Various stories as well as non-fiction books are included and show the different habitats, tracks and so on. Animal rights and the proper handling of animals are also discussed in some books. (Die fabelhafte Welt der Käfer from Lena Zeise, Tiere haben Rechte from Ola Woldańska-Płocińska, …)

German for children

This box is aimed at children who are learning German as a second language. It contains learning cards, rhyming books to make vocabulary easier to remember and media for learning letters and reading books. Also included is a book about the Tyrolean regional history told in a child-friendly way. (Leichter Deutsch lernen mit Musik from Wolfgang Hering, Kikus Sprachförderung Deutsch from Hueber, …)

German as a foreign language 1+2

These two boxes are aimed at people who are learning German as a foreign language and contain books in easy language with audio accompaniment (A1, A2), copy templates for learning games and non-fiction books on the topics of regional geography and orientation in Tyrol. (20000 Meilen unter dem Meer in leichter Sprache, Gebrauchsanweisung für Tirol from Bernd Schuchter, …)


Included in this box are city and hiking guides as well as the Edition Kufstein, on the topics of social history and development history of the city,. (It can also be supplemented with the Kufstein Monopoly). The box is aimed at German learners or residents of Kufstein who want to find out more about their city. (Stadtführer Kufstein mit vielen Tipps und Hinweisen from Julia Zimmermann, Gesellschaft, Politik und die Grenzen der Erinnerung Kufstein 1950-2000 from Nikolaus Hagen, …)

Senior citizens

This box contains movement stories and exercises, craft ideas and training books especially for seniors. The box is aimed primarily at relatives of seniors in need of care and at care facilities. Scent stories, audio games and brainteasers can help to improve the well-being of seniors. (Das große Beschäftigungsbuch für Menschen mit Demenz from Linus Paul, Bewegungsgeschichten für Senioren zum Mitmachen für Aktivierungsrunden from Birgit Ebbert, …)

From now on, e-book readers of the brand „Pocketbook Touch Lux 5“ can be borrowed for up to three weeks.

Convenient and compact, the e-book reader is the perfect companion for reading books on the go.

The Onleihe Tirol, our database for e-books, is preinstalled on the devices. If you have any questions, our staff will be happy to help.

The team at the kubi – Kufstein Library for Science & Leisure also offers individual training. Feel free to contact us by email ( or by phone (+43 5372 71819 700) to arrange an appointment.


The “kubi” – Kufstein Library for Science and Leisure is a public institution created by the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tyrol and by the municipality of Kufstein through the merger of the university library and the public library in 2018.

The core principles of the "kubi" are: Provision of literature; the passing of knowledge; supporting students, researchers, and teaching staff; and to advance education and reading as a leisure activity. The library is an organization of the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tyrol Ltd.

Anyone interested can use the library services. Members of the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein (students, researchers and staff) as well as the external visitors and members of the International School are authorized to borrow books and use the library facilities.

  • External visitors: The library account can be requested directly at the lending counter of the library during the opening hours. 
  • Students of the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein: Your student card also serves as your library card. 
  • Students of the International School Kufstein: Your edu-card also serves as your library card.
  • External visitors with a valid Kufstein-Card: The use of the library services is included for no additional fee.
  • External visitors without a Kufstein-Card: One-time payment of €20,00 for a yearlong membership. (Reduced charge of € 10,00 for senior citizens, students and people with disabilities).  
  • Students of the University of Applied Sciences and students of the International School: The use of the library services is free of charge.

Reference books, scientific and academic journals, novels, non-fiction books, children’s and young adult literature, board games, audiobooks and DVDs are available to you.

Generally, all books with a white or blue label are borrowable unless there is an additional label for “Präsenz”, meaning it has to be present in the library, in which case lending is not possible.

The non-lending-collection includes reference works, bibliographies, loose-leaf works, newspapers, journal issues as well as books contained in a reference collection.

You may borrow up to fifteen library items (books, journals, audiobooks, DVDs and board games) for up to three weeks.

Loan periods can be extended for up to three times five days prior to the end of a lending period unless someone has made a reservation.

If you fail to return library items you borrowed on time, we will charge a reminder fee. In the first week € 1, - per library item, for the second week and every additional week forward we will charge you additional € 5, - per library item. Customers are not entitled to being reminded about an expiring loan.

Books currently on loan can be reserved in your online user account.

As soon as the previous borrower returns the item, an automated notice is provided via e-mail.

If you have found a book in our search engine that is currently on loan, click on the Button “Request”. You have to log into your account beforehand.

Click on the top right of the search engine on “Sign in” or follow the link on the kubi-website “Library account & Extending”.

  • Access data for external visitors:
    E-mail address (which you provided upon registration) and your personal password
  • Access data for students of the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol: and your personal password

In the search engine, if a book is available in the library, a book- or call number is displayed in each search result. This is a unique code (shelf mark) identifying every medium in our library collection. There are differences depending on the location. The printed books are systematically arranged. <Here> is an overview. 

Location Building A 1. floor:

  • Fiction, children’s and young adult literature and biographies  

The shelf mark designates the different areas. DR for the fiction literature, DJ for young adult books, B for biographies and J for books in the children’s area.  

In each of these areas the books are organized by genre and arranged in alphabetical order by author.


Location Building B 1. floor:

  • Reference books and non-fiction literature: 

In building B the shelves are arranged systematically from A-Z.  

Example: Found book number: “QQ 000 C229”. The first two letters designate the academic discipline; in this case, “Q” means “Economics” (Wirtschafts-wissenschaften), “QQ” is the sub-category “Special business management textbooks”, the numerical sequence “000” is the additional sub-category – “General”. The following letter-number-sequence “C229” is the encoded author or editor name.

Useful information: The shelf mark shows the edition in brackets; the minus refers to the volume.

  • DVDs, audiobooks and games: 

The shelf mark TT designates DVDs. They are grouped by genre and the film titles are arranged in alphabetical order. The shelves marked TT.J contain the children’s DVDs. 

All audiobooks have the shelf mark TD, children’s audiobook TD.J. The audiobooks are grouped in alphabetical order by genre and author.  

At present, the games aren’t arranged systematically. 

The Onleihe Tirol account can be requested by kubi members with a valid library account directly at the lending counter of the library during the opening hours, per email or by phone. The Onleihe account on is usually activated within 48 hours. The maximal loan period is 21 days and any item will be automatically returned after the period you chose. Books currently on loan can be reserved.


The kubi Team

Katharina Juffinger, BA

Head of Library

Helga Dornauer

Foto Alexandra Mitterer

Alexandra Mitterer


Nora Steinacher

Mitarbeiterin Bibliothek

Marija Zdravkovic

Organizational Assistant Library

Julia Zimmermann



Phone: +43 5372 71819 700


We are in the new building of the University of Applied Sciences on the 1st floor.

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