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Smarte Produkte & Smarte Systeme

Every year, the degree programs, Industrial Engineering Management and Smart Products & Solutions, host the event "Smart Products & Smart Systems."

The Internet has changed many areas of our lives. Now we are at the point in time where products themselves are becoming connected to each other. These smart products and systems will lead to major changes for businesses at various levels.

Every year, the focus of the event deals with a specific focus of the field of smart products and smart systems.

Presenting concrete examples, company representatives will report on their approaches, challenges and solutions regarding the event's chosen focus. Through the presentations and the subsequent exchange of thoughts during the event Get Together, the participants get the chance to gather valuable input and food for thought for their own company.

Follow-up reports:

  • Event, October 09, 2015

    The question of which strategic area need to be addressed by companies in regard to smart products and smart systems was the focus of the first event that took place on October 9, 2015. Using concrete examples, representatives from Viking, SCE Clean Solution, Klüber Austria and GE Power & Water - Distributed Power, provided insights into the background of and challenges and experiences with the development and launch of smart products and smart systems.

  • Event, November 25, 2016
    The second event of this event series focused on value generation from data for clients, partners and/or providers. The event lived up to the potential of the topic with a broad overview of various relevant sectors. Representatives of leading companies, such as the VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center, Peakmedia, SIGMATEK, SAP Austria and QUNIS gave insights into their approaches and experiences, presenting practical examples on how to generate value from data.

News of the FH Kufstein

Praxisprojektgruppe simulierte Gefrierprozess

Studierende der FH Kufstein Tirol simulierten den Gefrierprozess und trugen damit zum besseren Verständnis des Eiswachstums bei.

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Studierende setzen Grundstein für eine smarte Stadt Kufstein

Die Digitalisierung ist der Forschungsschwerpunkt der FH Kufstein Tirol und ein zentrales Thema der Stadt Kufstein. In Zusammenarbeit mit den Kufsteiner Stadtwerken realisierten die Studierenden einen vernetzten Feinstaubsensor.

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Studie zu Social-Media-Kampagnen im Europawahlkampf

Prof. (FH) Dr. André Haller, Hochschullehrer an der FH Kufstein Tirol, beschäftigte sich erneut mit der Nutzung sozialer Medien im Wahlkampf. In einer Studie untersuchte er den Online-Wahlkampf der Europawahl.

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