Die FH Kufstein Tirol freut sich über die Kooperation mit dem Kufsteiner Eishockeyteam. (im Bild v.l.: FH-Rektor Prof. (FH) Dr. Mario Döller, Roland Luchner, Obmann des Hockey-Vereins HC Kufstein Dragons und FH-Geschäftsführer Prof. (FH) Dr. Thomas Madritsch).
FH Kufstein Tirol
FH Kufstein Tirol is glad about the cooperation with the Kufstein ice hockey team. (in the picture from left to right: FH Rector Prof. (FH) Dr. Mario Döller, Roland Luchner, Head of the HC Kufstein Dragons hockey club, and FH Managing Director Prof. (FH) Dr. Thomas Madritsch).

A Passion for Ice Hockey Combined With a Degree Program

29.11.2022 | General
Pursue a career in sports or study at a university? Both are possible at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol. The University of Applied Sciences Kufstein and the HC Kufstein Dragons ice hockey team give two scholarships per year.

FH Kufstein Tirol and the HC Kufstein Dragons ice hockey team offer an attractive scholarship to students. People who are interested can study at the University of Applied Sciences and play along with the professional Kufstein ice hockey team. The students that are chosen can look forward to a lot of advantages and benefits while they pursue a career in sports.

Study successfully at the university – push your sports career forward at the same time

In cooperation with the HC Kufstein Dragons ice hockey team in Kufstein, FH Kufstein Tirol offers a lot of advantages to all students in its 24 study program offers. Every season the cooperation partners give two scholarships to students enrolled at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein. The University of Applied Sciences reimburses the tuition fees for the selected students because of their sporting talent. The club provides a residence and relevant insurance policies for playing sports. “We also offer players food allowances, and of course our training and medical team supports them at all times,” says Roland Luchner, Head of the HC Kufstein Dragons.

Mission of the HC Dragons

HC Kufstein is a professionally managed ice hockey club that participates in the adult area of the third-highest Austrian division (1st team), in the highest division in Tirol (2nd team), and in the highest Austrian division (ladies’ team). The goal of HC Kufstein is to continue to grow the club’s professionalism and to provide the most successful teams in Austrian amateur ice hockey.

The training structure for the 1st men’s team is strenuous and ambitious. Practices are normally 3-4 times per week from the end of August to the middle of March. In addition, there are the games that take place regularly 1-2 times per week, and the playing season for the championship begins in mid-October and ends in March. The club has its own office to take care of players, the team of trainers, partners, and members. Players on the 1st men’s team also receive an expense allowance for their performance.

Secure a scholarship for next season

Anyone who is interested can apply for a scholarship starting now. The requirement for doing so is to first have a study place at FH Kufstein Tirol. Scholarships are awarded by the club from July to the beginning of August, and applications to the FH must be made during the spring. (Click here for application deadlines at the FH). Balancing student obligations and professional sports is comparable with a combination of a profession and a degree program. The application process for an FH study place is independent of applying for the scholarship – both hurdles must be mastered in a sportsmanlike way.

Applications for the scholarship from the HC Kufstein club include:

  • A motivational letter
  • A resume of your sporting career
  • A video compilation of your personal highlights from games
  • A short video presentation about you as a person

That is followed by the application process, and the HC Kufstein Dragons select the recipients and award the scholarship. Preference is given to awarding the scholarships for the men’s 1st ice hockey team. However, applications can also be made for the men’s 2nd team or the ladies' ice hockey team.  
“We are glad that we can award two scholarships, and wish you much success with your applications,” says Prof. (FH) Dr. Thomas Madritsch, Managing Director of FH Kufstein Tirol.

HC Kufstein Dragons

The HC Kufstein ice hockey club was founded in 1948, and has been able to gain the elite league championship title twice. Training takes place in the Kufstein Arena, a sports facility that has a 2000 m² covered ice area, a 1500 m² Canadian ice area, and seating for 700 on bleachers where it sometimes can get very loud. The club slogan: “Passion has a name – Kufstein Dragons,” is more than just a catchy saying, and the club lives it out 100 percent. “This also puts a demand on new players because we expect this passion from scholarship recipients,” summarizes Roland Luchner, Head of the Dragons. The training staff includes a head trainer, a co-trainer, and a goalie trainer. Two doctors ensure that medical support is given.