IT Tool of the European project TECH-IT-EASY takes progress

02.06.2010 | General
During the European research project named TECH-IT-EASY, at which the FH Kufstein University of Applied Sciences is one of eight partners developing an IT Tool to support SMEs in systematic innovation, the first results and proceedings are published.

Together with another two academic research partners the development of a reconfigurable IT Tool, through this easily customizable and extensible to fit the variability of needs SMEs have, have been forwarded. Other specialists bring in their expertise to develop ontology based “knowledge –search” both on the web and special databases as well as the use of an ontology which is based on the TRIZ methodology to find specific solutions during the innovation process.

While these first common proceedings rose up a workshop to shape the vision of the final TIE Tool has been held in Kufstein by the technical manager Prof. (FH) Univ.-Dipl.-Inf. Karsten Böhm. In front of a dreamily winter scenery the research partners could make toward their visions and create new ideas concerning the IT Tool. The TECH-IT-EASY project is a joint research project with eight partners from five countries which has been started with duration of two years in June 2009. 

For further questions concerning the TECH-IT-EASY project, please contact:

Prof. (FH), Univ.-Dipl.-Inf. Karsten Boehm
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