Fundraising and Sponsoring Strategy Esterhazy

09.03.2017 | Practical projects
Four Sports, Culture & Events Management students teamed up with Prof. Dr. Scheytt from Hamburg, Germany to analyze the current fundraising and sponsoring situation for Esterházy.

Located in Eisenstadt, the students analyzed four sectors: Environment and Agriculture, Opera and Concerts, Heritage and Castle, and Winery and Culinary.
The students attended three meetings at Esterházy throughout the summer semester. Meeting one was used to gather information about Esterházy’s current situation for sponsorship. At meeting two the students presented their findings, new ideas and gathered feedback from Esterházy management. During meeting three the students presented their final presentation to Esterházy. The main presentation included the brand story which was designed by the students and new ideas along with an implementation plan for the new ideas for each sector of Esterházy.