Die Studierendengruppe auf der Olympischen Bobbahn in Sarajevo
Alexandra Ugovsek
The student group on the Olympic bobsled track in Sarajevo

SKVM International Week 2018 in Sarajevo

13.07.2017 | Excursions
From May 14 to May 19, students from the Fachhochschule Kufsteins Sports, Culture, and Events Management full time Master’s degree program visited Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the host city of the 1984 Winter Olympic Games.

The trip was made for the International Week portion of the study program, a regular curriculum item in which students travel to a foreign destination to see first-hand how various aspects of the fields of sports, culture, and events are applied and managed in new settings.  

In preparation for the trip, students planned the entirety of the excursion under the direction of SKVM faculty members Mark Romanelli and Prof. (FH) Dr. Torsten Wojciechowski.  Students selected the location, made the contacts, planned the itinerary, and made all of the necessary arrangements in order to create a trip meeting the requirements for the curriculum. 

The results of the planning exceeded expectations.  During the trip, students had the opportunity to meet and engage with Bosnia and Herzegovina‘s national leaders in their fields.  “A combination of the relatively small size of the nation, the hospitality of our hosts, and the dedication of the student teams in planning the excursion resulted in an unprecedented level of access for our group on this International Week trip,” said Mark Romanelli in reflecting on the successful results.  Among the lectures and meetings attended by the students were appointments with Zora Dujmović - Federal Minister of Culture and Sports, Mirela Topic -  Executive Director of the Sarajevo Film Festival, Marijela Hasimbegovic – Director of the National Theatre Sarajevo, and Elmir Pilav – Executive Director of the Sports Sector for the national Football Federation, to name only a few.