Blick vom Parkcafé auf den Neubau der Fachhochschule und dem neugestalteten Stadtpark.
Auböck + Kárász Landschaftsarchitekten / Henke Schreieck Architekten ZT GmbH
Visualisierung der beschriebenen Szene

Construction begin: University building stage 4 and redesign of the City Park - Opening spring 2020

16.07.2018 | General
The redesign of the Kufstein City Park and the new construction of the fourth expansion stage of the polytechnic began on July 16, 2018. The opening of the newly designed area in the heart of the city provides many opportunities for Kufstein citizens.

The Wine Fest on the following weekend will still be held as usual in the “old City Park”. The first construction vehicles will arrive at the City Park, and the site fence will be set up starting 07/16/2018. “We will do whatever we can in order to ensure a smooth continuation of all events in the City Park throughout the construction period,” said Builder Dipl. Ing. (FH) Eidherr Bernhard of Fachhochschul Errichtungs- und Betriebs GmbH.

Initial measures consist in the excavation and securing of the construction pit for the low-lying gymnasium between the Parkcafé and the first building part of the polytechnic as well as the removal of the Smartflower POP®. The solar flower, which is available to energy management students as a demonstration and research object will temporarily complement the energy production facilities of the Labek family in Gut Aigen at Thierberg. The parking area for bicycles will temporarily be relocated closer to the middle part of the overall polytechnic building. The space will be set up again behind the new building on the side toward Prof.-Sinwel-Weg when construction has been completed.

Opening in spring 2020

“The structural work will be complete after the winter 2018/19, which is when the interior work will begin. In spring of 2020, the redesigned City Park will open up at the same time as the new building, and Kufstein citizens will be able to take advantage of the new opportunities,” stated Chairperson of the Board of FH Kufstein Tirol-Private Foundation Dr. Herbert Marschitz. “The new building will provide urgently needed rooms for lectures and presentations as well as for laboratories and offices for the employees and students of the polytechnic. Jointly used rooms and resources promote synergies between the University of Applied Sciences, the International School and the Music School,” added Managing Director of the Polytechnic Prof (FH) Dr. Thomas Madritsch.

Lavatory, library and gymnasium for all Kufstein citizens

Kufstein citizens will also greatly benefit from the construction of the fourth polytechnic building. “At the front toward the Parkcafé, a public and barrier-free lavatory will be installed, and a joint library for the city and the polytechnic will be established on the first floor,” explained Foundation Chairperson Franz Mayer. The Music School will have more rooms due to the space freed up by moving the City Library “A gymnasium will be built on the lower floor of the new polytechnic building part, which will be available to the International School as well as to sports clubs via the municipal community”, as Mayor Mag. Martin Krumschnabel stated with delight.

Water playground and boulder wall in the newly designed City Park

The redesigned City Park includes a slightly hilly quiet zone that invites passers-by to linger. The children’s playground will be expanded with a directly adjacent water playground. On the side of the polytechnic facing the City Park – at the corner of the Krankenhausgasse – the construction of a new boulder climbing wall will already commence as soon as September of 2018. A fixed area between Franz Joseph-Platz and the new quiet zone is envisaged for the numerous events that are to be held in the City Park.

New alignment of the public underground carpark

Also, as of September 2018, the underground carpark in the City Park will have a new driving direction. The new entry is located in the Krankenhausgasse below the Music School, and the exit leads to the Andreas Hofer-Straße. As before, the public carpark is available to all. At the same time, a fee-based short-term parking zone is being developed along the Andreas Hofer-Straße.

Project costs amount to a total of 11.5 million euro. The province of Tirol, the city of Kufstein and the polytechnic bear the financing costs in equal measure.