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FH Kufstein Tirol

Digitization for SME – success with the expert program

11.09.2018 | General
FH Kufstein Tirol offers a customized program for the successful digitization of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Managers of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are often required to ask themselves how to best use digitization for the benefit of their companies. FH Kufstein Tirol has now developed a compact program that helps companies find the right answers.

Workshops and coaching as preparation for the implementation

Experts from the polytechnic in the area of digitization – both on a technical and business level – accompany participants in two workshops and a coaching phase from decision-making to implementation. The focus is always on the company: What can we do to enhance our competitiveness? What can we do to ensure that we will have the right solutions for our customers in the future?

The development process consists of four phases:

  1. Assessing the initial situation
  2. Recognizing the change
  3. Developing the future program
  4. Implementing the strategy

Initial experiences of companies from the region

Three companies from the districts of Kufstein, Kitzbühel and Lienz have already experienced the program. With the support of the Austrian Economic Chamber District Offices for Kufstein and Kitzbühel, these companies participated in the program in the spring and summer of 2018 and achieved positive results. The challenges were extremely varied: from a lack of specialists to internal communication and the removal of elaborate paper-supported processes.

All companies agree on the following interesting insight: Advancing digitization in a meaningful manner is not a task solely reserved for large-scale companies. Every company harbors a diverse potential for digitization – regardless of industry sector and company size.

Contact person for interested companies is Prof. (FH) Dr. Roman Stöger.