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High level of satisfaction among FH Kufstein Tirol graduates

26.03.2019 | General
The second large-scale survey of all FH Kufstein Tirol graduates was conducted in November and December. Almost 600 alumni took the time to answer a total of 26 study-related questions.

Students programmed the survey and evaluated the results within the context of the course “Market Research”. “Feedback from more than 16% is considered a good value,” as Prof. (FH) Dr. Uwe Heil, head of the project and course for the study program International Business Studies stated.

In his opinion, one of the highlights of the study was the high rate of respondents (91%) who were generally satisfied with their studies. Furthermore, 87.2% of alumni who participated in the survey recommended FH Kufstein Tirol to their friends and relatives.

“Our graduates are an important feedback channel for the university as they allow us to expand our perspective and provide even more targeted, necessary and beneficial optimizations for those affected,” clarified President of FH Kufstein Prof. (FH) Dr. Mario Döller. “We are very grateful for the high participation rate,” said the president further.



The lion’s share (82% of respondents) are employed of which 6% are self-employed in their own company. Further 11% of respondents are currently in further training (studies or training with professional activity).

90% of respondents are employed full-time and work an average of 47.5 hours per week.


With regard to wages, almost 60% of respondents have a gross monthly income of EUR 2000 to 4500. About 22% state that they earn even more. Graduates of the study program International Business Studies are among the top earners. However, the graduates who are most satisfied with their current professional situation are the students of the study program Economic Engineering (1.9 on the grade scale).

Nearly a third of respondents are working in management as executives with personnel responsibility of which approx. 5% are in top management, nearly 10% in middle and 16% in operational management.

The majority of surveyed graduates (almost 50%) are employed in large-scale companies with more than 250 employees. However, a little less than 30% of respondents work in small companies (less than 50 employees).

Respondents are most often employed in the sectors of trade and industry. 22.3% of respondents work in Tirol, 34% in the rest of Austria and 28.5% in Bavaria.


The further rise in overall satisfaction with Kufstein is remarkable: Compared to a survey from 2013, the satisfaction level increased from 82% to 91%.

95% of respondents are satisfied with the infrastructure at FH Kufstein, 80% with the technical level and 81% with the didactic level. 94% of surveyed graduates are satisfied with the climate at the UAS (indicators: ratio of teachers to students and the dedication of teachers); 60% are even very satisfied.

Moreover, the study also provides valuable insights for further securing and improving the quality of teaching. These insights are being integrated in the currently ongoing revision of bachelor study programs. The Alumni & Career Services will also benefit from the results. Jennifer Krüger is in charge of maintaining contact with alumni and has received much positive feedback for her work and tips. One of the encouraging results from her point of view: The alumni network is also maintained by alumni themselves. After all, almost 50% of graduates stated to be in regular contact at least every second month with former fellow students.

“These positive results confirm the great commitment with which our teachers and service employees take care of the concerns of students in order to offer the best-possible education at our institute,” stated Managing Director Prof. (FH) Dr. Thomas Madritsch with delight.

Head of this study, Prof. (UAS) Dr. Uwe Heil again emphasized the importance of the satisfaction factor: “The more satisfied students are with their studies, the greater their willingness to further recommend FH Kufstein Tirol as an educational institute.” This correlation was even highly significant from a statistical point of view. Heil: “Satisfied alumni are the best recruiters!”