Im Herbst 2019 startet der neue Vollzeitmasterstudiengang Digital Marketing*
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New full-time master study program in marketing

14.01.2019 | General
Communication, social media or omnichannel management, search engine optimization or media consulting – companies need specialists in these areas. Digital Marketing, the successful master study program of FH Kufstein Tirol will also be available in the fall as

As of October 2019, FH Kufstein Tirol has a new offer for creative, marketing and technologically savvy students: the new full-time master study program Digital Marketing. In addition to technical enhancement and comprehensive further scientific education, students also learn social skills and leadership qualities.

The university has trained marketing experts in extra-occupational programs since 2013 as students from four graduation years have already successfully completed the program. The full-time variant aims to satisfy the enormous demand so the university does not have to keep rejecting promising students each year who have all the requirements. Demand in the economic sector is also very high. Furthermore, the new study program emphasizes social media, content and omnichannel marketing.

Digital marketers can reach consumers in a targeted manner

Advertising companies are presently often faced with overstimulation, reactance and skepticism. The communicative environment is growing, adding digital and social media such as Facebook, Instagram and the like to common media channels. Required resources, technical expertise and management abilities are needed in order to reach consumers in a targeted manner. “Besides theoretical knowledge, an understanding of technological developments and practical challenges is also necessary in order to ensure sustainable success in digital marketing,” explained Head of the Study Program Prof. (FH) Wolfgang Reitberger.

In his new four-semester master study program Digital Marketing, he emphasizes user-centered cross-media production of content, suitable usage of social media and sensible integration of various channels in an omnichannel marketing strategy. Teachers from the industry, a practical project and a one-week study trip ensure a high degree of practical relevance. Within the context of elective subjects, students can cover individual areas of interest.

Graduates are well prepared for the challenges of digitization

Digital marketing is marketing training at the master level specialized in online activities, which allows graduates to recognize developments in the communication market, specifically in the area of new & social media. “Digitization of communication and marketing demands strategic thinking, knowledge of target groups, channel skills and creativity in order to effectively play content to these channels,” said Markus Bischof, managing director of the marketing and PR agency P8 MARKETING. “The new full-time master study program Digital Marketing at FH Kufstein Tirol prepares students well for this,” Bischof went on to say.

Balanced mix of technical and economic content

Students become familiar with technological basics and also learn to analyze, understand and realize the marketing-specific implementation in practice due to unique content-related interweaving of marketing and web technologies. The full-time master study program Digital Marketing gives students the best career opportunities as it combines marketing, management & technology.

*Subject to accreditation by AQ Austria