Das Land Tirol fördert mit zusätzlichen Plätzen das Studium zum Spezialisten in Sachen Digitalisierung.
A student wears VR glasses and uses a virtual computer.

Studies focussed on smart development

26.04.2019 | General
Additional study places have been provided for the fall of 2019 for the specialized master study program Smart Products & Solutions (SPS) at FH Kufstein Tirol – the province of Tirol is promoting further education for digitization specialists.

Society has long grown accustomed to digitization as the industrial sector is still working on making further product categories “smart”, which provides various new opportunities in product development, production, operation and maintenance.

However, skilled employees who can realize these opportunities in a technical and scientific sense are still needed. This is exactly where the master study program comes in. Smart Products & Solutions establishes focal points by combining technology and industry especially in the development of smart products and offers solution approaches for the challenges faced by companies.


The province of Tirol is promoting the innovative master study program at FH Kufstein by providing additional funds of up to EUR 270,000 for the year 2020. “The demand for future-oriented training is just as great as the prospective career opportunities for specialists in this area. Digitization will continue in the future. All the more important to optimally support the experts of tomorrow in their training today,” as Scientific Member of the Provincial Government Bernhard Tilg emphasized.

FH Kufstein Tirol has offered the specialized study program since 2017 as an extra-occupational master study program. A total of 42 students are currently in training of which presumably 28 will be the first graduates in July this year. “We were already confronted with very exciting tasks after only 2 months of studying,” said Alexander Führen BA, a student of the first graduating class. “We taught the in-house 5-axle robot how to draw and also developed an autonomous vehicle,” he summarized. Führen will be one of the first in the program to take his final examination in July. The application of project-oriented learning is an extremely important part of training.


On the one hand, the study program focuses on digitization and networking in product development: “Smart Products”. On the other hand, the generation of value from data and change requirements for companies, i.e. digital transformation, are discussed: “Smart Solutions”. The special feature of the study program consists in combining traditional technical disciplines, IT and industry and thereby bridges the skill gap that exists in today’s companies.


New career opportunities are especially opening up for career jumpers – the study program is aimed at employed persons with prior knowledge in traditional technical disciplines or information technology. “Especially generalists can play a part here and close the skill gap on the market. Sought-after occupational profiles exist in product development and product management. However, currently the market still lacks experts who know how to link the digital to the physical world. The University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol conveys the necessary methods and tools for this,” as Director of Studies Prof. (UAS) DI Dr. Martin Adam summarized.

The registration deadline for admission to the study program is 06/18/2019; online applications are possible on an ongoing basis.

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