Mit dem weiterentwickelten Bachelorstudium Energie- & Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement* können Studierende die Zukunft mitgestalten und beste Karrierechancen sichern.
With the further developed bachelor´s study program Energy & Sustainability Management*, students can help shape the future and secure the best career opportunities.

Sustainability and mobility are combined in the new study program at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol

06.08.2020 | General
The director of studies of Energy & Sustainability Management* gives insight into the topics that will be focused on in the study program. This study program is the perfect choice for people who are environmentally conscious and have a vision for the future.

Asc. University of Applied Sciences Professor Dipl.-Ing. Christian Huber at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol is the director of studies for the bachelor degree program that focuses on sustainability and mobility. As an expert, he is aware of the fact that both of these areas have great future potential and that qualified personnel is urgently needed. At the University of Applied Sciences in Kufstein, students are educated to the point that they become experts in exactly these promising areas including the further developed bachelor degree program Energy & Sustainability Management* and the master degree program European Energy Business.

  • Start a study program in the area of “Think Green”: people who are interested can find all information here
  • Some study programs have expanded the amount of students. Until September 6, people who are interested can still apply online for an opportunity to study. Study program starts in fall 2020!

Focus and importance

The appreciation for this societal issue already exists on campus and is strengthening because of study programs with a focus on sustainable educational content. “Sustainability is currently focused on in society and will be a key focus in the future. We are expanding our study program with the topic of sustainability so that our graduates have a large range of job opportunities. The University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol has also been committed to sustainability and environmental protection for a long time and is serious about its role model function for the region and for its students and members of the staff. The Energy & Sustainability Management* study program is an important part of this commitment,” says Huber.

In the bachelor degree program, the topic of sustainability is especially discussed in all modules, and mobility topics are conveyed to the students during the study program in a practical way. “It is an interdisciplinary topic. It deals with sustainable energy use as well as with sustainable energy services and sustainability certificates for companies, communities, cities, and regions. Mobility is another area where students gain skills. This area deals with sustainable mobility concepts and services for sustainable mobility,” the director of studies adds.

Choosing the right study program

This study program is the perfect choice for interested people who find themselves in this area and want to influence mobility and sustainability in the future. “This study program is the perfect choice for people who want to actively shape and implement sustainability as well as the future and are interested in business and technical solutions. However, we do not train engineers. Our graduates understand technical concepts and can develop new products and services with their business background. Our students are also educated in the areas of communication and marketing so that they have the necessary social skills to mediate between customers and engineers or to sell new products and services. This is the only way that sustainability can grow with broad societal support,” Huber underscores.  

Great career opportunities

The bachelor degree program was previously called Energy Business and was optimized by the update to keep pace with the demand on the labor market and in society. “Further developing the study program opens up a large, strongly growing nationally and internationally important future market for our students. Solutions to optimize sustainability of products and services as well as alternative mobility are in demand in companies and NGOs as well as in communities, cities, and regions. Because of the requirement to study abroad, this is possible in the international context in addition to a work location in Austria, Germany, or Switzerland,” he says in conclusion.

* subject to accreditation by AQ Austria