Die Digitalisierung und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit ist in dem europäischen und US-amerikanischen Wahlkampfverhalten unterschiedlich stark ausgeprägt.
Digitalization and public relations are differently marked in the European and U.S. election campaigns.

Digitalization and data in election campaigns

09.09.2020 | Research
Dr. André Haller, lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol, provides insight into data-based election campaigns in a podcast and points out the differences between European and U.S.-American campaigns.

Haller is a guest in an episode of the podcast "Social Media and Politics", which is one of the leading broadcasts on the subject of digitalization and politics. Together with Simon Kruschinski, M.A., from the University of Mainz and Dr. Michael Bossetta from the University of Lund, Sweden, he talks about data-supported election campaigns.

The episode focusses on the comparison of European and U.S.-American data-based election campaigns, including public relations. "In the comparison, it becomes clear that the election campaigns differ in essence due to legal, cultural and other systemic reasons - data-based election campaigns are much stricter in Europe than in the U.S." explains Dr. André Haller, lecturer for Marketing & Communication Management and Digital Marketing.