Die Übersiedelung der Buchbestände der Stadtbücherei in den Neubau der FH ist im Spätherbst 2019 geplant – Übergangsmaßnahmen im Bibliotheksbetrieb werden per FH-Website bekannt gegeben.
FH Kufstein Tirol
The relocation of book inventories from the public library to the new UAS building is planned for late fall 2019 – transitional measures in the library’s operations will be announced via the UAS website.

kubi – library reinvented

07.11.2019 | General
Cheesy romance novels, scientific manuals, children’s books, databases, reflex cameras, magazines. All of this under one roof? kubi – the new Kufstein library for science & recreation – makes it possible!

The merge of the UAS library with the public library has been in the works since the spring of 2018. A comprehensive media offer under one roof is made available to students and all other interested parties. Usage of additional literature offers from non-fiction to poetry and fiction as well as children and young-adult literature is free for students and possible without additional registration since the student ID card can simply be used as a library card. In addition to literature, the space is also being expanded and reorganized. Thus, target-group specific zones are being created that make concentrated and undisturbed working, discussions with the project group or relaxing while reading the daily newspaper possible.


  • More space – doubling the library space as well as setting up distinct communication and rest areas with more seating accommodations
  • More literature – two times the inventory of printed literature. Poetry and fiction, non-fiction as well as children's and young-adult literature are being added to the already existing scientific literature.
  • More service:
    • Expansion of the lending service for IT and camera equipment
    • Lending with the student ID card without further registration
    • Expansion of the digitally available literature with focus on the scientific area

Attention construction!

The spatial merge is currently in a critical phase: The transfer of book inventories from the public library is planned for late fall. Until then, transitional measures will be in place for library operations, which will be announced on-site and on the website of FH Kufstein Tirol.

To the new kubi website:kubi.tirol