Die Präsenzlehre soll ab Wintersemester 2020 wieder an den Campus der FH Kufstein Tirol zurückkehren, so es die behördlichen Bestimmungen zulassen.
FH Kufstein Tirol
Classroom teaching should return to the Kufstein Tirol campus from the winter semester 2020, as long as the official regulations permit.

What's next in the 2020 winter semester?

16.06.2020 | General
The Corona crisis has changed the way the FH Kufstein Tirol operates. All lectures were switched from attendance to online. A preview of the coming winter semester should help with better planning.

Currently, due to the corona pandemic and the various temporary restrictions of the federal and state governments, the FH Kufstein Tirol has experienced a significant impact on the summer semester.  Face-to-face courses could not be conducted and all courses were completely switched to digital – very quickly and successfully!
Other precautions have been implemented, such as switching to a complete online admissions process for interested applicants.
Still, it is necessary to communicate an accurate preview of the structure for the upcoming winter semester to the students with regard to the teaching process. 

Going forward in the Winter Semester 2020/2021!

Hygiene regulations are being gradually relaxed, which in turn looks optimistic for normalization. The FH Kufstein Tirol assumes that from autumn 2020 the operation can again take place in the classroom, albeit with an increased proportion of eLearning. However, this will only be possible subject to the statutory provisions.
"We assume that the situation will normalize so courses can take place in-house again, of course only if the health and legal situation allows us," confirms the managing director of FH Kufstein Tirol, Prof. (FH) Dr. Thomas Madritsch.
"We understand that many students want to return to normality again, and that the contact among students and personal support is more difficult to implement in an online format.  These are our findings from the surveys and feedback from students. That is why we want to bring everyone involved back to the campus one step at a time,” said the Rector, Prof. (FH) Dr. Mario Döller.