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Dominik Eller, BA

Graduate year 2009

  • Why did you decide to study for the bachelor degree in “European Energy Business”? What do you think is special about this degree?
    The decisive reason for choosing this degree was my great interest in renewable and conventional energy production technologies. I was particularly fascinated by the various alternative possibilities to produce electricity and heat. I knew that the energy topic was becoming more and more important because of the worldwide increase in consumption of energy and the increasing scarcity of fossil energy sources. Additionally, I was and still am convinced that qualified specialists working in this sector have great career opportunities. Besides the wealth of knowledge that is conveyed, it is also the possibility to spend a semester abroad and to do an internship that makes this degree “special” for me.
  • Which courses and lectures have you attended so far and what have you learned?
    The courses I have attended so far are very varied and diverse. I could choose between courses with a technological focus and courses with a business focus. To sum it up, I learned about all aspects of the energy sector value chain from the extraction of raw materials, the production and transport of energy to the use of energy at the consumers' premises. Courses such as energy efficiency in trade and industry and in private residential building or energy policy and energy law rounded off the range of course and lectures offered. In the courses and lectures areas of the value chain were deliberately looked at individually in order to ensure an understanding of the functioning and optimization of the entire system and, therefore, of the energy industry.
  • Have you already taken part in a project? What was it about? What was your contribution?
    As part of the course “Integrative Case Study” in the fourth semester we are going to work on a project where we have to solve energy-related problems for a company. We are going to develop a concept for electric water heating using wind power in Innsbruck. I am going to be the project manager of a 9-person team and will be responsible for planning, conducting and managing the project. It is very exciting and challenging to solve real-world problems and to coordinate such a large team.
  • What career plans do you have?
    I don’t have any concrete career wish yet because the career entry opportunities are very varied due to the breadth of knowledge that is conveyed during the degree program. That’s why I don’t want to commit myself to one area. It is important that everyone finds and explores their own career opportunities in this large sector.
     After graduating I will see what career opportunities present themselves and what my job will be exactly. I could easily imagine working for a domestic energy supplier.