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Franziska Grätz, MA

Alumni study year 2013, Process Specialist Rheinmetall MAN

- Why did you choose the ERP Systems & Business Process Management Master's program? What makes this program special for you?

I was looking for a degree program that would allow me to focus on both economics and engineering. During my search, I found the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences that, because of its location, caught my eye. Having studied a Bachelor's degree with a pure economics background, the leap to a degree focusing on IT and engineering was not easy and sometimes a real challenge. But, with the necessary ambition and openness to learn something new, it got easier quickly and I learnt to deal with the topics of process management and ERP systems. The degree program provides a good overview and, through case studies and the Master's thesis, it was possible to go into depth as well.

- How easy is it to reconcile working, studying and having a life?

It is not always easy to bring work, study, family and friends under one roof and some parts can be neglected sometimes. In any case, you should consider very carefully, whether you are cut out for a part-time degree and whether you are willing to invest both time and money. Especially, when there is a lot to do at work and it feels like you spend all your time either in the office or at university, that is when you need a lot of motivation for a degree with compulsory attendance. What helps is that you are not alone, as your fellow students also have to be at the lecture on a Saturday morning.

- What job opportunities opened up to you through studying here?

By studying at the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences, my career path developed into a whole new direction. While I was still studying, I was offered a job that I started right after handing in my Master's thesis. Before studying here, I was more in the service and sales sectors and now, since finishing my Master's, I have been working in the field, dealing with processes and standards and SAP for purchases and production at a large utility vehicle manufacturer. There, I can make use of what I learnt through my degree on a daily basis. Oftentimes, I am the commonly mentioned interface between given specialist fields and IT and the program prepared me well for that.

- What is your general impression of the degree program and the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences?

In retrospect, I could not have chosen a better university for my part-time Master's degree. The Kufstein University of Applied Sciences excels with its content, equipment, motivated teaching staff and well-organized lecture schedule which, in my opinion, is very important to allow students to succeed in such a program.