Pofile picture of a graduate

Georg Bletzacher, BA - Absolvent Europäische Energiewirtschaft

What expectations did you have when starting your studies European Energy Business at FH Kufstein Tirol?

In my previous job, I sometimes worked with energy systems, and there I realized that energy as a topic is a very deep subject. What I expected from studying this degree program was mainly to understand the interrelations within the energy industry and to subsequently be able to connect the economic and technical aspects thereof.  

Are the program requirements and the individual support students receive in balance?

Requirements are definitely higher in the first two semesters than in the subsequent ones. This is because at the beginning, you have to acquire a wide range of basic knowledge. However, as I experienced it, what matters for succeeding in this program is not your prior knowledge but that you are interested in energy management. What I found particularly helpful was the compulsory semester abroad. 

Did you feel that the personal relationship between students and lecturers supports the learning process throughout the semester? 

Our year group quickly developed into a tight community. So, we usually studied for hard exams together. In my opinion, that was very helpful in making the learning process more efficient. 

Were you able to develop professionally and personally during your semester abroad? 

The semester abroad was a very special experience for me that I would not want to have missed. I spent my semester abroad in Ireland, which is why I still have a very special connection to this country. From a degree-specific view, the semester abroad allowed me to deepen my knowledge, particularly in engineering. I also significantly improved my English skills during my time in Ireland, which I am sure will come in handy in future. 

Does your current job meet your expectations?

I am currently employed as a research assistant by the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences, where I focus on strategic energy planning. Simultaneously, I am in the part-time European Energy Management Master's degree program. This allows me to apply and refine what I learn in the program in research projects at work. Working and studying go very well together, and I am convinced that this combination provides me with a solid foundation for my future career.

Would you recommend the European Energy Business program to other people?

If somebody is interested in economy and engineering, then yes, in any case. It is very practical training that students can gain a lot from. I think that this degree program offers an excellent opportunity to become an expert in a sector that is only understood by few.