Ing. Mag. (FH) Markus Bucher

Graduate year 2009 and Employee, Plansee Gruppe, Breitenwang/Tyrol

Above all, I am interested in this study program, because it focusses on current and market-oriented subjects in the field of ERP systems and process management.
  • Why have you decided for the master’s degree program “ERP Systems & Business Process Management”? What makes it special for you?
    When I started the program at the University of Applied Sciences in FH Kufstein, I had already completed my studies in International Economics and Business Studies at the University of Innsbruck. Afterwards, however, I worked in the field of information technologies and project management. In order to consolidate and expand my knowledge, I looked for an appropriate study program that could combine my passion with the field of information technology without having to renounce my job. I am particularly interested in this study program, because it focusses on current and market-oriented subjects in the field of ERP systems and process management, which are currently used in small and medium-sized companies as well as in big corporations.
  • What courses have you attended so far and what have you learnt?
    In the field of Business Process Management, Dr. Martin Adam, who is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt , brings in a lot of experience in the modelling, analysis, design, support and optimization of processes. In the ERP environment, the use of SAP, Semiramis, Helium V und Microsoft Navision was taught. Furthermore, I attended courses in the following subjects: design of ERP data bases, handling and processing of data with business intelligence systems, E commerce and E procurement, project and conflict management, just to name some from the wide range of courses offered. During the course „Strategic Management“, we went to Montréal in Kanada for a week with the director of studies Prof. (FH) Dr. Ewald Jarz and visited several very interesting companies where we got familiar with the Canadian way of doing business.
  •  Have you already worked on a project? What was it about? What have you contributed?
    So far, I was involved in two practical projects: We worked out a relational matrix between current IT best practice frameworks and standards as ISO, ITIL and COBIT for Messrs. Egger in St. Johann in Tyrol. We also worked out referential processes for selected subjects. In the second project, we tested the ERP Software Helium V, which will soon become an ERP Open Source provider, for its full range of functions and integration in existing modules. Not only did I cooperate on the operational side of the projects, but, in my role as a work package leader, I also learnt to coordinate parts of projects and ensure their timely completion.
  •  To what extent, do you think, are job, studies and private life compatible?
    It is a challenge, especially if you work full-time, to sit down and study after work, let alone preparing for the next exam or participating in projects and doing homework. In my opinion, however, you learn to use the scarce free-time more efficiently and you use elements of time management. From my point of view, it is difficult to study and, at the same time, continue holding a job without supportive and understanding friends, family or employers. In my case, the director of studies, the lecturers and fellow students needed to cooperate so that I could go on business trips abroad and not miss too much from the learning input. Moreover, the helpful and friendly fellow-students enrich my private life and my studies.
  • What career opportunities do you expect from your master’s degree?
    Thanks to the program, I was able to expand my personal range of performance and knowledge. This will be a door opener, as, I think, there is still a huge demand for skilled personnel, especially in the fields of consulting, information technology and economy. For me personally, the program also builds a bridge from my original profession to my new job in information technologies. Due to the study program, the last two years have been very enriching for both my professional as well as my private life and I wouldn’t want to miss it.