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Johannes Pfatschbacher - Alumni Master European Energy Business study year 2013

What expectations did you have when starting in the European Energy Business program at FH Kufstein Tirol?

My training before going to Kufstein was mainly based on engineering (polytechnic high school and Montanuniversität) so I wanted to add an economic aspect to my training. Both professionally and personally, I am very interested in the topic of energy, which is why this degree program was the obvious choice. My expectations were fully met, especially through the external lecturers. Following the introductory lecture, Introduction into Energy Business, I was completely convinced by my choice. As I teach at a technical high school, I can pass on the most current insights into, and realization of, connections within economics to my pupils in the relevant subjects.

Are the program requirements and the individual support students receive in balance?

Besides very demanding phases of compulsory attendance and personal preparation for exams, sometimes very comprehensive homework tasks have to be done in the distance learning part of the program. Unfortunately, there is not enough constructive criticism and feedback useful for personal development, which is one aspect of the degree program that has the potential to be improved.


Did you feel that the personal relationship between students and lecturers supports the learning process throughout the semester?

The close cooperation and good, often social media-based, communication among students surprised me in a very positive way. The lecturers are also available beyond the phases of compulsory attendance and are happy to provide help, something I hardly ever made use of.

What losses might one have to accept to succeed in a part-time Master's degree program?

The main changes happen in terms of leisure-time activities. Instead of filling the weekend with hiking and skiing tours, now I often have to sit at my desk or in lectures. Over time, however, regularly meeting fellow students did develop as something very positive where new friends can be made. In addition to good time management, having an employer who is happy to support you is very helpful.


Would you recommend the European Energy Business program to other people?

As I am also teaching the final year in a technical high school, I do recommend the corresponding Bachelor's degree program to the pupils. With a basic technical training in particular, this modern combination of energy engineering and energy business is an obvious choice.