Jürgen Mitterdorfer

Graduate year 2008

  • Why did you decide to attend the part-time, bachelor degree program Facility & Real Estate Management? What makes it such a special program in your eyes?In my profession I deal with real estate issues on a daily basis, but still I thought I could learn more to become better and more effective in my job. I had heard about the FH Kufstein and its part-time program Facility & Real Estate Management, and I knew about its excellent reputation with regard to offering its students a solid theoretical education that also happens to be very practically oriented. That’s basically why I decided to study at the FH, despite the fact that I am from Carinthia, which is quite far from Kufstein, and have to commute to attend classes. 
    I think that it’s a great program because of the top-notch faculty and the way they supervise and support the students all the way through their studies. The small class sizes and the organization of many activities help create a very positive learning environment. And I have to say that I really appreciate the FH’s modern campus and the beautiful surroundings of Kufstein.
  • Which courses have you attended so far and what have you learned in or through them?Because of my background in the real estate business, I can see that the range of courses in the program’s curriculum really covers most areas in the real estate field. The program also places a strong emphasis on the management of facilities, and there are many links between these two fields that allow the transfer of know-how. Together, they have given me a solid basis for professionalizing the ways I handle my responsibilities and daily tasks. As far as the integration of theory and practice is concerned, my expectations have been met: many of the lecturers who teach for the program are practitioners in the field, and they have given me new perspectives on the business. All in all, I have really profited from this education that combines the knowledge of so many different areas with various scientific approaches.
  • Have you already worked on any projects at the FH Kufstein? What did the projects deal with? How did you contribute to the projects?
    Throughout our studies, we students – working individually or in teams – have been asked to discuss, deal with, and work out feasible solutions to various real-life issues. As part of one case study, a couple of my classmates and I looked at the planned process in a real estate transaction from the viewpoint of an investor. We focused on the economic-technical level and came up with an interesting concept. In particular, I was responsible for carrying over the results from our work and the due diligence process to the valuation of the property involved in the transaction.
  • In your opinion, to what extent is it possible to combine one’s studies, job, and private life?There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s possible, but the whole endeavor probably depends on two factors. First of all, your boss and your family have to accept that you are taking on a commitment that demands a tremendous amount of time and energy. Secondly, I would say that you need an iron will to push yourself through the three-year program. Looking back on my studies now, though, time passed quickly and it was well worth the extra effort. There is something else that shows how possible it is to study successfully while maintaining a happy family life: within two years, two classmates had children and a third is now expecting a baby. Again, there are trade-offs, but they are all reasonable.
  • What career prospects do you have as a result of your studies?
    As organizations in or connected with the real estate business become more aware of the importance of highly qualified people, the need for such professionals is growing. What’s more, the demands made of these real estate professionals are becoming increasingly complex. But I feel the program Facility & Real Estate Management has given me a solid, sustainable foundation to meet these changing demands. I have also experienced that the program creates many interesting possibilities for students to establish valuable private and business contacts. For my profession, these ties have become an important success factor.