Lisa Fuchs

Graduate year 2008

  • Why did you decide to attend the full-time, bachelor degree program Sports, Culture & Event Management? What makes it such a special program in your eyes? This bachelor degree program is so special for me for three reasons: it interlinks sports, culture, and events, it has a strong international orientation, and it is very practically oriented. So, first of all, it’s so unique because it is the only degree program in the German-speaking countries that offers an empirically-grounded education in the sports and cultural sciences as well as in sports, culture and event management. What this means for me is that I essentially have three stepping stones for my career. This was the main reason for my decision to join the program. And there are two other aspects that make the program so interesting. First of all, it has a very international orientation. Students have the possibility to do their corporate internship abroad and it is compulsory to do an exchange semester in a foreign country. The curriculum also requires that students study two foreign languages, that is, English and another foreign language. A few of the regular lecturers are held in English, which is really good preparation for the study-abroad term at one of the FH Kufstein’s partner universities. Secondly, the program has a very practical orientation. The faculty members are practitioners in various industries and sectors. The student projects are organized in cooperation with companies and organizations. And the internship I just mentioned offers a great chance to put all the knowledge learned in the lectures into practice in a professional setting.
  • Which courses have you attended so far and what have you learned in or through them? The curriculum is very comprehensive. So far I have attended a few courses in economics and business administration as well as in the sports and cultural sciences. And then among other courses I also had Event Management, Sports Management, Cultural Management, Public Relations, Trends in Sports and Culture, as well as a second foreign language.I especially liked the Sports Sciences courses, where we dealt with training theory, sports medicine, and sports psychology. In the Law lecture we developed some very good insights into legal principles as they apply to event agencies and organizers. In the two Cultural Management courses we covered many aspects of the music, film, and theater industries.
  • Have you already worked on any projects at the FH Kufstein? What did the projects deal with? How did you contribute to the projects?
    I have worked on projects throughout my studies in this program. For the Integrative Case Study course in the fourth semester we organized – very fittingly for the occasion of the Football World Cup 2010 – an event we called “Africa Impressed: Experience Africa with All of Your Senses”. Our objective was to convey to our visitors some interesting information about Africa and to raise awareness about the diversity of the African culture. To achieve this end we created a very appealing event program, which included African movies, an African band, a drum workshop, exhibitions, African food and drinks, and an after-show party with African beats. I was responsible for organizing and assisting the band and DJ as well as managing the location.
  • What career aspirations do you have?
    I see my future in marketing and sales in the sports branch, preferably with a company in another country.