Das Hobbyboulderevent begeisterte rund 50 Teilnehmende.
FH Kufstein Tirol
The hobby bouldering event inspired about 50 participants.

BlocKoasa went into the second round

07.07.2022 | Practical projects
On June 25th, 2022 the time had come, the BlocKoasa event entered the second round and invited those interested to a hobby bouldering competition.

The project was originally launched in 2020 by bouldering enthusiastic students of the part-time master`s degree program Sports, Culture & Event Management.  After the first successful implementation, the organizers as well as the participants at that time wished for a continuation of the event. The practical project group of the FH Kufstein Tirol followed this wish and organized a hobby bouldering competition with the aim to repeat the success and to offer the participants a unique event.

Successful hobby bouldering event

On the last weekend in June almost 50 participants came to the climbing hall "KoasaBoulder" in St. Johann in Tirol and competed with each other for the first places. On the one hand, there were great prizes from sponsors such as Sportalm and Mantle Climbing to win. On the other hand, goodie bags with contents from Verival, Lattella and many others were awarded to all participants. After a sunny and eventful day, the BlocKoasa team concluded: "This year's event was once again a complete success! Many participants and also the partners from the climbing hall are looking forward to a repeat next year".