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Drone Lab


The Drone Lab covers an area of 150 sqm and is equipped with a motion tracking system by the company Vicon for movement detection precise to the millimeter level. The space can be adapted and modified as required for various use cases (search missions, obstacle setups, etc.). In addition to a purpose-built software environment, the drone lab also includes hardware for drone usage scenarios.



Currently, the following equipment is available in the Drone Lab:

  • 10 Crazyfly micro drones
  • 2 Tello drones
  • 1 Twins drone
  • ADS-B / FLARM (outdoor station)
  • Dedrone drone detection system
  • 1 Flir Pro Duo R 640
  • Further sensor arrays and small parts


Research Services

The Drone Lab is available free of charge to the degree programs of the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol and their students.

Services offered range from a purely cost-based provision of hardware (research space, drones, etc.) to in-depth support by our drone teams within the context of research projects and development activities.


Methods and expertise complementing the research infrastructure

In the area of software, the focus is primarily on ROS and Gazebo systems.

Possible application examples would be swarm-based search or obstacle algorithms or the testing of new drone prototypes.


Reference projects

Simulation demonstrating a drone navigating a heavily smoke-filled environment.


Terms of use

The lab is open for cooperative projects or commissioned studies designed to investigate suitable issues.

Inquiries are welcome and encouraged. Decisions will be made on the basis of availability and feasibility.