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Folgende wiederkehrende Events werden vom Studiengang Energie- & Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement veranstaltet:

EFIM Fireplace Talks

Übersicht EFIM Kamingespräche

The EFIM Fireplace Talks provide a platform for degree programs in Facility & Real Estate Management and Energy & Sustainability Management to exchange insights with company partners and students. Companies and research institutes are invited to these events to present their ideas and strategies on sustainability, energy, and real estate and converse and interact with students.

EFIM WinterSchool

Übersicht EFIM WinterSchool

The EFIM Winter School offers the opportunity to deepen experiences in sustainability, energy, and real estate and establish new international contacts. Topics such as sustainability and energy management, real estate management, financing, investments, and technical and social aspects are covered.

Sustainability Week

Übersicht Nachhaltigkeitswoche

The degree programs in Energy & Sustainability Management, Facility & Real Estate Management, Marketing & Communication Management, and Sports, Culture & Event Management invite you to Sustainability Week. Designed and hosted by students as part of a practical project, the event welcomes you to participate in 5 days fully dedicated to sustainability – with the aim of making the world a bit greener together.